DualShockers: God of War Collection Review

DualShockers writes: There are characters in games that have made such a gargantuan impact in the industry and in their respective genres, that they become a looming imprint in the back of our minds - legends, and proof that a certain era of gaming did indeed grace us with memorable moments; moments that we subconsciously embrace throughout the years.

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JoelT3203d ago

Making it so hard to resist your High Definition temptations....

WildArmed3203d ago

Aye. I have given up and am going to pick this baby up tonight.

iiprotocolii3203d ago

The God of War series is definitely one of the best games that I've ever played. Although Kratos might have a slight testosterone problem, it doesn't take away from the game's epic gameplay and strong storyline. The God of War collection is definitely a must buy for fans of the series and for those who have yet to experience one of the greatest games to stride through last generation.

Oh, and it includes the God of War III demo. Two words, people: My god.

iiprotocolii3203d ago

Only problem I had when playing through the game is some of the cut-scenes. It did zero justice through the progression, but the lasting appeal of the overall game forgives it.

Tomarcus3203d ago

I am buying that this weekend! Gotta play them, since I didn't on PS2. Solid Review.

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