Kotaku: Aliens Vs. Predator Multiplayer Preview: Switching Bodies, Hunting

Kotaku writes: "It turns out that playing as an Alien is hard. I learned this the way you learn a lot of tough lessons in multiplayer games: By virtually dying a lot. Aliens in AvP wield no weapons, of course. Their strengths are movement speed and the ability to scramble across any flat surface. With an Xbox 360 controller walks the walls and ceilings by holding down the controller's right trigger and running across them. Ideally you'll get yourself onto the ceiling, hanging over some sap Marines who walk beneath you. If you hold down the A button to jump to the floor, the skilled Alien player will then press X for a gruesome one-hit "trophy kill" or start tapping the controller's shoulder buttons to perform melee swipes. That is ideal. A newcomer might - might - jump down from the ceiling and get shot up by some Marine machine guns."

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