Who's your Big Daddy? Globe and Mail previews BioShock 2, FFXIII, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Globe and Mail game critic Chad Sapieha writes:

First up is BioShock 2 (PS3/360/PC). Regular readers know that I think very highly of this game's predecessor. Its Ayn Rand-inspired story and strangely sinister art deco-styled underwater city were milestones in game narrative and art design.

I wasn't provided too much information on the sequel's story, save that the submerged metropolis of Rapture is now under the control of a new genius gone mad in the form of woman named Sophia Lamb, who, like the first game's arch villain Andrew Ryan, takes ideological concepts-some sort of socialism in this case-to their logical extremes with horrifying results (one of the levels I saw featured an amusement park ride designed to show children the evils of government, complete with scenes depicting citizens being repressed by soldiers).

Instead, most of the demo focused on what players can do in the game.
For example, we can now don a Big Daddy suit and-to my delight-use the contraption's powerful drill arm, which was the cause of much consternation for me in the first game.

The extra firepower is handy since we'll be going up against a crop of more powerful enemies, including a particularly nasty one called a Big Sister, who moves acrobatically and with lightning speed. She actually managed to kill the 2K developer who was showing me the game a couple of times before he was able to put her down.

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