Napoleon: Total War Limited Edition Announced

If you don't want to buy Napoleon: Total War through Steam, you won't miss out on any additional content. Today Sega announced a Limited Edition of Napoleon: Total War will hit retailers in North America.

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jharv3132d ago

First, now give me thumbs down.

Pumbli3132d ago

Ugh... Creative Assembly! Give us real games, not expansions you prefer to call a real game.

Empire was all right, but I have a feeling Napoleon won't be much different... Poor us Total War fans... :( We deserve better.

I've bought every Total War game since Shogun TW and sadly it looks like this will be the first Total War game that I'll have to pass on. :(

sovietsoldier3132d ago

so i wonder how many bugs and glitches this game will have? i also have to say it would have been nice to have had a civil war game.

3131d ago