Console war reality check: the 360's sales lead

"One of the favorite arguments by fanboys to explain how the Xbox 360 can have a 6 million+ console sales lead on the PS3 when the PS3 is (obviously) the better console is because the 360 was released 1 year before the PS3. Naturally, they argue, that since the 360 was out longer, it will have higher sales figures. This argument makes no sense on a variety of levels."

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Jerk1203200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

The Ps3 is a loser.

A very good write, Alexander.

Hopefully this can get through their thick skulls and shut down that stupid ass argument, but not likely.

It seems that the Xbox360 is just generally superior.

Well, we all knew that (the smart people).

@Shadow Haze : It's amazing how you act like you haven't read my post and yet use the same insult that I did towards the Ps3. I highly doubt that is coincidental.

Lord_Ranos3200d ago

Whats this loser saying? He only has one bubble. lol

Bungie3200d ago

that's the truth

MW 2 sales proves it

and i think XBL and all the other exclusives helps the 360 to sell more

Jerk1203200d ago

Watch how they call you a fanboy now.

Fishy Fingers3200d ago

A single games sales prove nothing, you could easily argue that PS3 owners are interested in a more diverse offerings.

Either way, while I could easily pick faults in the article, there is a far easier way to prove their main point, one I'm surprised they didnt include. The argument that the years lead is the main reason for the extra sales.

How many did the 360 sell before the PS3 released? Because you simply compare that number to it's current lead and you have your answer. I'm not overly concerned with this sort of thing so perhaps someone more in the know could do the figures.

TheHater3200d ago

Well I read somewhere that the PS3 is the third fastest selling home console of all time behind the Wii and PS2 I believe. I also read that the PS3 has sold more during its firth 3 years than the xbox 360 during it first three years.

BadboyCivic3603200d ago

im going to have to disagree with you on this 1...back when the next gen started, i was gonna hold out till PS3 came out,but Christmas came and i needed something to play so i bought a 360 with gears...that extra year made the real difference...and when the PS3 did come out the following year,we had massive the 360 really had 1 year and 6 months to set up shop...

kapedkrusader3200d ago

..there are more than one factor as to why the 360 has sold more than the PS3, besides the fact the it had a head start.

-the PS3 might have come out a year later, but at $600 and a small games library, it might as well not launched at all.

-too many developers were already so into the 360s hardware that learning how to make games for the PS3 had a steep and expensive learning curve.

-Sony's marketing made no sense. No one new if the PS3 was better at being a games console or Blu-ray player.

-Many of Sony's exclusives went multi-plat. Which lead to fans of those games to buy the less expensive 360 to play those games.

-MS released many much cheaper core models that didn't have all the functionality of a regular 360 and allowed them to sell systems at $199. Although, most adopters of the core model were left paying more for their systems due to necessary HDD upgrades.

-Many early 360 owners have bought more than 1 additional 360s due to RROD. (A fact that all 360 fanboys always seem to forget when comparing 360 vs. PS3 sales numbers.

Overall, I disagree with this article because the writer is trying to say that if the PS3 is the better system, why hasn't it sold more than the 360. Yet, almost everyone, even 360 owners cannot deny that the "current" PS3 is the better investment. It gives you more for you your money:

-Games Console
-Blu-ray player
-Rechargeable controllers
-Free on-line multiplayer
-Ability to play 3-D movies

And with the exclusives that have proved that it's the most powerful console on the market, there is no question which console is better. I'm not saying that the 360 is not a great console either, I'm just saying it's not better than the PS3.

darthv723200d ago

If the 360 leads or ps3 leads or the wii leads shouldnt matter. Games are what matters.

DocEvil3200d ago

"360 owners have bought more than 1 additional 360s due to RROD. (A fact that all 360 fanboys always seem to forget"

Fact? Wouldn't a fact be something like 'a repair under the warranty program isn't a sale'? Please say you aren't dumb enough to think warranty repairs are sales?

TheHater3200d ago

Can you read? He said bought and said nothing about warranty. when you buy/bought something, it counts as a sale

DocEvil3199d ago

I could ask you the same question. He said early 360 owners have bought more than 1 additional 360 because of RROD. Please say you aren't dumb enough to say that because someone owns a 360 they don't know how to use a warranty?

kapedkrusader3199d ago

...before the warranty was extended, yes, many people ended up BUYING a replacement 360. Also, for a period, the warranty did not cover the E74 error, those people also had to BUY a replacement. And lastly, believe it or not, some people I know just went out and BOUGHT a replacement, because they didn't want to wait a couple of weeks, especially if they RRODed around the Halo or Gears release dates. I'm not denying that the PS3 had a horrible launch, but you early 360 adopters have to admit that you're on your 3rd console already and one more hardware failure away from joining the dark side.

soljah3199d ago

you can spin it any way you want but the reason the 360 has sold more then the ps3 is price. a $1 item is ALWAYS going to sell more then the same catagory item that is $2. ms knowa this that is why they keep pricing their machine cheaper then the ps3. 6 million lead ? all of that plus another 10m in sales is the $199 gimped arcade machine.,

DocEvil3199d ago

Alright, so one by one...
1. If you bought a launch console, got an rrod after owning it for a year but before MS extended the warranty (a 5 month period) you may have bought a new 360 for $400 OR you more likely paid to have it fixed for $120. Even if you bought a new one, you most likely a) sold the rrod 360 to someone who was willing to pay to have it fixed or b)sent it in to get it fixed a little later when the warranty was extended then sold it and in both cases these would be legitimate sales then.
2. If you got an E74 before the warranty covered after the first year of warranty but before MS extended the warranty for this aswell then you may have boght a new 360 or paid the $120 to get it fixed or wrapped it in a towel and turned it on for 20 minutes and forced an rrod and used the warranty. If you did buy a 360 then you probably sold the e74 360 to someone who was smart enough to force an rrod or or someone who paid to have it fixed.
3. someone who buys a new 360 JUST IN CASE their working 360 fails because they aren't willing to wait a week to get their 360 repaired under warranty is definitely an extreme minority.

Now, let's talk about all the people that will never play a game but bought a ps3 because it was the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market. Or all the people that will never play a game but bought the ps3 because it was the only Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player on the market. Or all the people that will never play a game but bought a ps3 because it was the only Profile 2.0 player on the market. Or all the people that will never play a game but will buy a ps3 because it will be the only Blu-ray player that supports the new 3D standard. Or all the people that will never play a game but bought a ps3 because it was a well reviewed Blu-ray player. You want to talk about sales that aren't real? How many ps3's are there that will never see a game disc in it's life?

WildArmed3199d ago

Wrong... Pii.. i meant Wii is in teh salez leaaaddzz.

You can't doubt that.
Ofc, if we are talking about sales, Wii Fit is also the best game this gen =/

darthv723199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I can understand what you are trying to convey in that last part. At least when someone buys a wii or a 360 you know for certain it is for gaming of some type. You couldnt say the same for the ps3.

There was that transition time before it got cheap and had great games where regular peeps bought it for the movies cause it was cheaper than the likes of samsung or even sony's other bdp players. I know of three people who did just that and have no interest in games. Nothing wrong with that but it falsely inflates the total number of gamers because the "PS" name is synonymous with gaming.

A similar tactic occurred when the PS2 was first launched. It too was considered the cheap DVD player on the market but at that time the format was already proving itself so it didnt really rely on it's dvd abilities so much as the PS3 did for bluray. Looking back at that time it was clear the benefit of going to DVD from VHS but fast forward and that benefit is blurred with going from DVD to blu. You still have the same fast forward/rewind, chapters, special features etc on blu that you have on dvd. The added benefit of HD is moot if someone still uses an SDTV. There is a funny vid that I always see playing in the electronics stores. It shows clips of various movies like batman and the simpsons. It has a tag line of something like: Without bluray, your hdtv is That tag can also be reversed to say: Without HDTV your bluray is just...dvd. They go hand in hand and when both hands meet is when the overall benefit occurs.

Yes, I understand that when you look at overall sales of the PS3 we don't know what percentage are movie players only or gaming machines. We do know that 100% of 360 and wii sales relate to gaming because that is their primary focus. No one buys a 360 just to watch movies on netflix or do facebook.

What we also must realize is that a sale is a sale when it comes to $$ changing hands across the counter. For that it really doesnt matter what the consumer does with it from that point. I can only assume that the reason game sales are always lower and people complain about it is because of the sheer unknown number of consumers who took the route in buying the ps3 strictly for the movies. Sony is most grateful to everyone who buys their product but I bet it gets to them that they dont see the same turnout for the games available like the 360 has going for it. They got lots of people to buy what.

kapedkrusader3199d ago

...they also make money from selling Blu-ray movies. Did I really have to tell you guys that? And by the way, how do you know that MS doesn't count replacements as sales? As far as I know, MS has been super discreet about it's failure rate and hasn't given any info about the same.

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Xander7563200d ago

@Fishy Fingers: I believe that was included in the middle of the article. It states the 360 sold around 5.5 million before the PS3 was released and now it's ahead by 6.18 million so the gap actually widened after the PS3 launched.

Fishy Fingers3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I realise that, but they state one year after the 360's launch, and according to VGCharts I might add. I mean actual numbers, because the PS3 launched at different times, in different regions, so "1 year" is not accurate, and I'm sure you can gain more accurate numbers than VGCharts.

It would probably take some research and working out (that I admit I'm not willing to do) but you could surely draw more accurate numbers than the article is offering.

All I know is in the UK (and US?) it was closer to 17 months rather than 12 (which cover 2 Christmas periods). That is a sizeable difference. Like I said above, for an article claiming to bring the facts, the seem to miss many. I'm a stickler for details, especially when your trying to "prove" something.

Edit: It's not really fair that people are disagreeing with you, your only relaying data to me, which is from the article. I just enjoy to pick holes in things :)

Pennywise3199d ago


Broken 360's still count as sold.
Banned 360's still count as sold.
All replacements bought for those are not negated by the above consoles.

I have a feeling Sony is way closer in numbers with actual working consoles in gamers homes than people would ever admit.

Tomonobu Itagaki3200d ago

Examiner fail with their close-minded opinion.
They want to quote VGchartz? Then let's quote VGchartz:
According to VGchartz, Xbox 360 is widening the gap with the PS3 in USA. That's what they're saying in their article. Then we have this:
PS3 is widening the gap with Xbox 360 on worldwide sales.
So what is better for a figures fanboy? Leading US sales or leading worldwide sales?

Xander7563199d ago

That doesn't make sense. How can the PS3 be widening the gap worldwide when they are the ones behind? I think you meant "narrowing the gap." IQ levels are astounding here!

Tomonobu Itagaki3199d ago

I was talking about lifetime sales, Einstein.

Xander7563199d ago

Yeah I know, they are behind so how could they widen a gap that doesn't exist?

Johnny Rotten3200d ago

hey guys I'm stuck on level 2 of the sales, can someone help me out?

I tried using the "shipped to retailer's not customer's" cheat code but it won't work, I keep trying to bring up the VG Chartzzz chart/menu system but it keeps giving me a "the content you are looking for does not exist" error.

any help would be appreciated!


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