BioWare on Mass Effect 2 competition: We're not worried at all

CC: Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho has said that he is not worried about the competition being released in Q1 as the highly anticipated 360 exclusive will 'blow people out of the water'.

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_insane_gamer_3134d ago

No matter what game I was creating. I would be afraid of other games.

If people have a 360 and PS3, what are they going to get? God of War 3 or ME2?

I wouldn't be THAT confident, as it could come and bite you back on the ass.

ruleroftekken3134d ago

It'll do well on 360, but there isn't enough demand for PC unfortunately.

When a 360 gamer chooses a game to buy. They stick to it.

dpdvxkpizbnwg3134d ago

No matter how well it sells, it'll be brilliant. :D

ramon_v3134d ago

ME1 was well reviewed and sold very well and ME2 looks to improve upon original in every way.

GOW3 is not really that big of competition as
A) its release date is in March, where ME2 comes out in Jan
B) their genres are totally different. while there is some crossover, each game appeals to two generally different types of gamers.

they've got my money anyway, which i'll happily handing over on launch day. can't wait to take my character from ME1 through to ME2 (cause for me the "real" Commander Shepard is a hot lesbian with a sniper rifle)

Rockox3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Well said, Ramon. Especially the bit about your Shepard. My Shepard is a hot lesbian Adept. Good times.

Bigpappy3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

People who are going to buy ME2 on 360 are going to buy it no matter what else is released. Since it will be on 360, buying more than 1 game in large quantities is nothing new for 360 owners. 360 owners generally range from age 25 to mid 50's. Their userbase are hollywood stars, music stars, Rappers, business managers, computer techs,etc (People who work for good money or have too much of it). Not all fall in to that demographic, but a lot of them do. Men in that group like good FPS (the more violent the better) and WRPG's (Violent with open word exploration, lots of loot to steal, decisions to make).

blu_yu_away3133d ago

Why choose? I got both pre-ordered and can't wait.

kwicksandz3133d ago

pretty much how i feel.

Only RPG i can see rivaling ME2 is fallout new vegas and we know very little about it so far. Alpha protocol is a wild card. I expect great things from ME2

Bnet3433133d ago

I can't blame them. There really isn't any threat to ME2. The game will be a masterpiece like every other BioWare RPG. Mmmm yeah I can't wait. :)

IdleLeeSiuLung3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

It's an action RPG so there won't be much competition. Besides, not many games release prior to ME2. The only other big game on the 360 shortly after is Splinter Cell Conviction. It should be fine!

Games would have a concern are those sandwiched in the middle of other big releases like SC:C and especially GoW3 due to FF13. Other games released during that period aren't that big.

vhero3133d ago

I will be getting this PC exclusive game. (well you 360 fanboys can say its 360 exclusive? I mean I ain't no fanboy but meh). However its releasing just before final fantasy 13... Its really a stupid idea.

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Kamikaze1353134d ago

Lol...I'll be enjoying this game on my PC when it comes out! =D

mrv3213134d ago

Because PC gamers are made up buy PS3 fanboys... nobody has a PC anymore... /sarcasm.

I'm not a PC gamer, I'd like to be but I understand that their are MANY PC's out there able to run this game.

dkblackhawk503134d ago

Getting the Xbox 360 and PC...since when is it a Xbox 360 exclusive?

we won3133d ago

Yes we know all PS3 fans supposedly are getting the game on PC. Why is the PC section always empty? The only time People talk about PC games are when they are on the 360. Where are the PS3 fans in the PC exclusive articles? People say that because the game is exclusive to Microssoft's xbox 360 in the console market and because they are speaking from the prespective of the console market, people are well aware the game is also on Microsoft's other Games for Windows platform.

i3eyond the Circle3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

That's like saying FF7 isn't a Ps1 exclusive because it released on PC.

Yet when FF13 was announced multiplatform it was like "Oh noes it should only be PS brand!"

So if the 1990's PC games were overlooked and console exclusivity was console exclusivity due to majority appeal.

Why is that so different now?

There is millions of PC gamers out there yet the 30million Xbox's reign over them in software sales for Xbox/PC titles.

What's more believable a person saying they're gonna buy Mass Effect2 for PC or 360?

Go to any software retailer and ask "How many PC shipments of Xbox360/PC games do you get? and "How many PC preorders do you have in combined total to Xbox 360's?"

we won3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I guess they think they are taking something away from the 360 by talking about the PC version as if people are lying about the game being only on the 360, when the game is really on a competing platform from a different company, in the same market?

Oh nozzz people shouldn't call GT5 PS3 exclusive because the PSP has a version.

PotNoodle3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I'm getting the PC version too.. i rented it on 360, but then bought it on steam, loving it now (after the terrible intro to the game). So i'll be getting ME2 on PC too.

"Oh nozzz people shouldn't call GT5 PS3 exclusive because the PSP has a version. "

Well no... because the PSP doesn't have GT5.. it has GT PSP. Not the same game, so you can't say that at all. Thats like saying Halo 3 isn't exclusive to the 360 because halo 2 is on the original xbox.

I don't honestly care about sales of the game, thats irrelevant, its a simple fact that if the game is out on more than one platform, then it isn't exclusive. Dc universe won't exclusive to PS3, The Agency won't be exclusive to PS3, Left 4 dead isn't exclusive 360, and mass effect isn't exclusive to 360.

No fanboy rubbish here, at least not from me, i own a 360 and have the choice of buying it on that, but i'm buying the PC version instead, just like i did with the first one.

Bodster3133d ago

I honestly havent even played the first one as i only have a Playstation 3 but now that i have myself a gaming rig ill be buying ME1 to see what the fuss is and depending on how i find the game will be anticipating getting this in release :)

pippoppow3133d ago

I will not support the 360 so it's nice that I can get the game on the PC. The 360 is not required to play the game. Why is it that when anyone mentions the PC version of a game that's also on the 360 the fanatics go crazy. The fact is the 360 hardly has any exclusives and will continue to lack true exclusives throughout this gen. Upsetting isn't it.

Also it's nice to know that MS gets no royalties off of PC games.

PotNoodle3133d ago

Bodster, its a great game. But don't make the same mistake i did, get chased away by the extremely boring introduction. After the first intro, it picks up and you get interested in the story.

TheBand1t3133d ago

Last I checked, PC gamers have outlets that are not tracked by NPD. (Or any group for that matter.)

Direct2Drive, Steam, etc. are all not tracked by NPD. So how would you know that the 360 version is outselling the PC version?

Just sayin'.

we won3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

LOL U mad?

"Steam, etc. are all not tracked by NPD"
Data from the company/developer?

Just a example of companies abililty to be independant with data. I'm sure if the game did well on Steam they would have been more revealing with the numbers, then again PS3 fanboys said MSFT was hiding defeat in Black Friday sales and would get stomped in NOV NPD so who knows.

TheBand1t3133d ago

"The Company points out these results are from retail only, and not digital copies downloaded from Steam."

So....what was your point? It says they showed only the Retail copies and not what peeps downloaded from Steam. :/ That tells us nothing except they released the retail sales and not the digitally downloaded sales.

Nihilism3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

PC version for me, and you people are tools if you think this game will not sell well on pc, like Bandit said, DD sales are not counted.

@ we won

PC is not a microsoft platform, they get absolutely nothing from the sale of the game. The developers paymicrosoft for the 'games for windows' certification. The games sales though, they don't get jack.

Microsoft doesn't get a cent from any game purchased by me, you're delusional, next you'll be including PC sales figures with 360 ones and saying "but they're all microsoft platforms", I can't wait till I can click negative feedback on you again, too bad that sucker is greyed out from the last time

i3eyond the Circle3133d ago

Let me guess,

Your playing all these games on your Mac?

Or are you going to google some OS then say you play it on that?

Nihilism3133d ago

No i'm playing it on windows, but the sale of the OS is separate from the game sale, I would buy windows even if I didn't play games, but MS still gets no money from the sale of the games, hardware, or software that I buy, aka, pc is not a microsoft platform

Brock Danger3133d ago

The word "exclusive" is thrown around like it is today because consoles have become the major focus of gaming as they've delivered increasingly "hardcore," PC-like experiences over the last few generations.

Most of any gaming website or magazine is one-sidedly about console games, and with the war on between xbox and PS, the word exclusive has changed simply to talk about what you can get exclusively on those consoles. Kind of lame, I guess, but really not a big deal.

i3eyond the Circle3133d ago

Then there you have it.

Because of people like you who would rather play on PC Microsoft will sell more OS's, NVidia and ATI will sell more graphics cards, Newegg will sell more hardrives, and so on and so forth.

You line the pockets of a chain that never ends and give the industry more dependency onto Microsoft <<Where it all starts.

For a person that would rather play in the highest quality, playing on the best and most supported OS for gaming plays its role too.

Not every gamer uses PC's and PC/360 exclusive might as well be 360 because it is consoles we're talking here.

*Looks at PC section* The PC gaming dedication seems to only show itself when a game is on the 360.....the obvious pattern is the sole reason I don't believe any of you.

Nihilism3133d ago

you really are an idiot, I have bought evcery MS os since the start, because they are good, my continuing to purchase them does not increase MS's market share, i'm still only one customer. I choose which hardware manufacturers I purchase from, it is not a monopoly like the consoles where you have to purchase their propriety devices.

I couldn't care less about the pc gaming section on n4g, I don't even look at it or submit articles anymore, I go to other sites.

My points remain, my purchase of an OS is separate from the game purchase, the game sales give no money to MS, nor does the purchase of the hardware or software, your delusional if you think by gaming on pc microsoft wins out, as I said I have always bought windows and would continue to do so even if I didn't game on pc.

I know which version of ME2 will be superior, you keep trying to justify your console purchase, but if you had a decent PC you wouldn't be saying any of this, your comments are born of ignorance.

i3eyond the Circle3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )


I do have a nice PC, yet I still play on my consoles because its more enjoyable and is ready out of the box for gaming on my HDTV.

"your delusional if you think by gaming on pc microsoft wins out"

And yet I'm the idiot and ignorant one here that cannot muster up any rebuttal besides name calling and saying the most retard sh1t I have ever read in my life.

Nice work I commend you for your hard effort and obvious peak of knowledge.

Gaming on Ps3 helps Sony out.
Gaming on 360 helps Microsoft out.

Gaming on the Windows OS doesn't help Microsoft?

I work corporate and you would be amazed at how many small things people do to support the bigger picture whilst not even knowing they are doing it.

Your dedication and dependency to the MSFT OS makes sure they always have your next sale, upgrade and .##% on their charts<<Which keep shareholders firm on company futures.

Your dedication and dependency to the MSFT OS makes sure developers always have the PC version as a possibility and that they program their games to be compatible with Windows leading to them being dependent on Windows. As the days go by PC versions of console games are becoming more and more extinct. Alan Wake for example.

You either need to have had a heavy stake in the PC market or have a publisher willing to port to PC nowadays even to get these PC/360 games.

The power of the dollar stretches beyond.

Every electronic device you purchase uses energy, energy costs money, energy companies buy from fuel companies to power their electromechanical generators.

Who would of thought that by buying that new TV you played your role in getting some Middleeastern oil company sales.

I'm just pointing out that you guys are quick to say that you aren't helping MS when really you are and can't think out of the box to see why.

QQ me a river guy.

Nihilism3133d ago

you've yet to justify any of your claims, you think you vague statements saying a tv purchase gives money to a middle eastern oil company is supposed to impress me, like I said again and again and again, which you can't get through your thick head, my buying OS's from the same company does not increase market share. Unless you can somehow tell me that it does, just shut up, you don't know what you're talking about. Microsoft gets no money from pc gaming, end of story. People don't buy windows specifically for gaming, that is only 1 very small reason.

PotNoodle3133d ago

I **think** what he is getting at is, you could buy a 1000 games and play them on windows or buy 1, and the money made for microsoft would be no different between the two.

Yeah, gaming on windows benefits microsoft, but not on a game-by-game basis, more on the overall outlook on how many people use windows to game on, because it helps keep other operating systems from recieving much support from the gaming industry.

Nihilism3133d ago

Apple is welcome to step up and support pc gaming like microsoft at any time, the trouble is they offer no support and no incentives for developers to make games for it, I honestly wish games were compatible with all OS's, but it comes down to them individually.

vhero3133d ago

It's funny as the only major 360 exclusive out in 2010 is Halo Reach.. The rest are all on PC too. If Halo Reach even makes 2010 that is.

vhero3133d ago

@i3eyond the Circle - you chat a lot of crap dont you? there are more PC's in the world than ANY console and as much as I agree with your FFVII analogy that was one of the few console games back then that came to PC unlike today. Today most console games make it to PC unlike in the 90's where as the PC market was very separate from the console market. I mean you even got special console versions of PC games like Red Alert for PS1 was completely different from PC version etc.. So stop with the fanboy crap and stick to the facts which you plainly know yourself and are ignoring.

PS2 had thousands of games that NEVER made it to PC or other console and the PS3 are getting a lot of true exclusives. Even the wii has a LOT of games that will never make it to the PC. However near all 360 games are ported to the 360 already or are going to be. Gears 1 proved this theory. The reason for this is simple 360 is built a LOT like a PC so porting the games is Very easy compared to other consoles which saves on development costs and makes some extra profit for developers. Plus piracy on 360 surely isn't helping.

Letros3133d ago

1080p on the HDTV, no jaggies, no screen tearing, no framerate problems, accurate/precise mouse control, ability hotbar, no multiple discs!

Ya, this is one to get on my PC.

kraze073133d ago

I'll also be getting this for the PC. It's funny when people make it seem like everyone that says they're getting a game on the pc is a sony fanboy.

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mjolliffe3134d ago

We'll have to wait and find out, it's going to be a good competition to see who wins most sales of Q1 2010 :)

rawd3133d ago

Glad to see the PS3 Mass Effect beta testing is going smooth.

Cosquae3133d ago

What? I thought ALL PS3 owners had PCs? Didn't you get the memo?


"glad to see the PS3 Mass Effect beta testing is going smooth."

no my freind, when a UT3 engine based game is 360 lead as well as EXCLUSIVE, there is only one way for a ps3 port to end IF there even is going to be one.

here you go.

and when this crappy port comes out IF it ever will, you will not have any more requests, as it will be too late for a reconsideration once the damage has been done.

be careful what you wish for, you might just end up with an other useless Frisbee inside of your ps3 :)

Tr10wn3133d ago


here you go.

Thats a CO, CO, CO, CO COME BACK BREAKER!! Fatality!

But yea back to the point Bioware is working hard to keep the game exclusive for MS in general Xbox 360 and Windows they already said that the day EA buy the company i think they don't want a PS3 port because 1 the game will not sell well on PS3 is a waste of money and 2 the most hypocrites people of the world are the PS3 fanboys today they said the game suck because they can't play it and the next day the game is awesome because they finally have a chance to play the game i just finish 3 to 4 times.

sunil3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


Articles from 2008? Ok I get it

PS: I hope you meant Unreal Engine... because... Batman AA (a game i enjoyed playing) did look good on the PS3 and did it on the 360

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militant073133d ago

i bought mass effect 1 on pc today (i already completed it on 360 months ago) but i wanted to test my new vaio laptop abilitys

and its f*cking annoying, 2hrs tring to install but couldnt, it wont start it doesnt even give any error!

champ213133d ago

laptops arent ment for gaming. most of them come with integrated gpus, and slow as hell hard drives.

A desktop even 2 years old with a 8800gtx will run circles around any console.

mcgrawgamer3133d ago

would love to see the specs of this vaio.

ps360owner093133d ago

But a lot of mainstream laptops are starting to give people the option to turn their laptop into a decent gaming machine. I also recently bought a sony I got the vaio fw590 with with the 2.8ghz core 2 duo processor and an a 1gb ati 4650 gddr3 graphics card with a 500gb 7200rpm hard drive(didn't want to spend the extra on ssd) and I can play dragon age at 1080p with everything on high except aa and get 23-30 fps. That's pretty good for a laptop that is marketed as being a multimedia laptop instead of a pure gaming laptop.

ps360owner093133d ago

I would like to know the specs of your vaio and also which model you bought? I got my sony after getting screwed by dell. I was originally going to get a dell studio xps 1645 with the new i7 processor. So far I'm enjoying my sony it can handle everything I throw at it. It does dragon age in 1080p and I have heard others claim it can run modern warfare 2 and left 4 dead 2 in 1080p with no lag. Blu ray looks awesome on the 1080p screen and my laptop is fast. I don't think I will be buying anything else from dell for a long time sony makes great laptops in my opinion.

militant073133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

not so powerful but good

bluray (R/burner)
ATI Mobility Readeon HD 3650
Memory 4GB
Intel Core 2 Duo process T940 (2.53GHZ)
FULL HD screen (1920*1080)

there was another model which more powerful but it doesnt have the other feature i prefer the most (full hd screen/blu ray reader and burner) - 1700$

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