MGF: ELF Review

MGF writes: "Christmas is nearly upon us and as expected there are a whole heap of Christmas themed games on the App Store. Elf, by Matmi, is one such game and has nothing to do with the Will Ferrell film.

The game uses the ubiquitous App Store genre of jumping as high as you can. It's not the first of its type but it is the first we've seen starring an elf and a Christmassy theme. Getting high in this game is pretty easy and just requires you to tilt your device to guide the elf left and right to steer him towards the floaty icons. The icons give you points, and more importantly, a boost up into the sky. To succeed in this game, you just need a steady hand to gently steer your man through all the items. It's a simple concept and as the title suggests, it is highly addictive."

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