IncGamers - Army Of Two: The 40th Day Hands-On Preview

IncGamers' Richard Walker gets some hands-on with EA's upcoming Army of Two: The 40th Day:

"Three is a crowd might go some way to explaining why Army of Two's returning protagonists, Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios indiscriminately shoot anyone else who happens to cross their path. No one would dare come between the two and their vaguely homoerotic coupling. Not even an evil terrorist cell hell bent on destroying the world."

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Leord3139d ago

Vaguely homoerotic? I think not. More like oozing!

AndyA3139d ago

Wonder if it's as homoerotic and painfully unfunny as the first game.

Maticus3139d ago

Suitably violent, lovely :)

Elly3139d ago

The weapon upgrades sound great. At first look this seemed a bit many but it comes off as more fun that than.

Fyzzu3139d ago

Sounds like this might actually be worth playing, which would be wholly unlike the first game, in a cheesy action-movie kinda way.

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