PlayStation Squad: God of War III Hands On

For many, Kratos' arrival on the PS3 couldn't come sooner. Finally the God of War series will be running on a system powerful enough to match it's ambition and scale, meaning those epic boss battles and gut-turning encounters are about to get even more satisfying. There's no doubting that Kratos announced himself as the most brutal, relentless and down-right badass anti-hero a long time ago, and from what we've played, he's only getting started.

After playing through the first available demo (which you may have seen at this year's E3), it's safe to say that God of War III isn't stuttering onto the current generation, but is rampaging into the present with full force. Even though the series is renowned for it's violence and fast-paced nature, we were generally surprised with how many set pieces arrived in this ten minute long presentation. Of course, it may be for show, as Sony may be packing the first playable section in with as many terrifying Greek beasts as possible, but it certainly blows the cobwebs away. Fuelling Kratos with more enemies than ever, fans of the series are going to be licking their lips with bloodlust.

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Every single game in this flawless franchise has been AAA and award winning by AIAS!