Top 10 Games of 2009 That You Never Played

From the feature article:

"As we wrap up the year 2009 there are plenty of places to find out which are to top games of the year, so we decided to let you know the top 10 games of 2009 that you never played. We want to start this feature by saying that these are not bad games, it's just that they were overlooked by most of the gaming media and advertisers. Take that with the fact that there were so many triple-A titles released in 2009 it's easy to figure out why certain games didn't make it onto many gamer's Christmas lists. Most of these titles can be found for under 20 or 30 dollars in the bargain bin (or online) and will offer hours of enjoyment to the player, with that being said here is our list of Top 10 Games of 2009 That You Never Played."

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Valkyrie833200d ago

Christmas time is the perfect time to play some of the games that never got on my radar, thanks for the list!

DasBunker3200d ago

coming from an xbox site i tought the list was a bunch of PS3 Exclusives Bwahahaha

Valkyrie833200d ago

LOL I think you have your facts backwards...your thinking the PS3 games that actually sold well in 2009 = zero....

colonel1793200d ago

that right there is not having a sense of humor...¬¬

ryano232773200d ago

and if averaged out over the 12 games:
PS3 is 2.01 & 360 is 2.27, and thats with the X amount of console lead that the 360 has.

Both have 3 exclusives and the rest multi plats.

ODST is the most sold exclusive in 09, followed by KZ2 & UC2.

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UltimaEnder3200d ago

I actually liked a couple of the titles on there, most arcade games but DJ Hero was fantastic as well.....

dgroundwater3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I'm quite sure Section 8 is a piece of trash. Am I mistaken?

By the way The Maw will be on sale on Live Arcade in a week or two. I heard it on the OXM podcast last week.

UltimaEnder3200d ago

Matter of opinion, same with RIDE

havikzero3200d ago

I liked Section 8. Too few people played it online though.

Saaking3200d ago

Yes, it's a piece of crap. Don't even touch it. Graphics, controls, everything about the game is trash. Spare yourself. Don't play it.

PepperJack3200d ago

i have a bunch of 360 games that i never play, ps3 exclusives are way better and more exciting than the majority of 360 games

Myst3200d ago

Magic is pretty much the only one on the list that I want to play, I currently have the demo installed on my 360 and have just been waiting to buy the game. Perhaps next paycheck and the day after Christmas I'll go to Gamestop, throw down some money on my pre-orders and get points card so I can pick it up.

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