Diablo 3 to have Day/Night Cycle

Blizzard has announced that while a day and night cycle won't be implmented in the traditional sense day and night will be present in Diablo 3. Their reasoning behind this has received mixed reactions.

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Maticus3133d ago

Disappointing, but expected.

Leord3133d ago

From an artistic point of view, it makes sense though. They can control how the setting will look, and it might feel more like you are in the actual world.

Elly3133d ago

I can see their point of view - it makes sense to see the desert in day from an ambience pov - graveyards at night are better (if Tristram is at night or dusk that is).

Fyzzu3133d ago

Um. It makes sense, but it's not actually a day/night cycle if each area has a different time of day. That's just each area having a different time of day.

AndyA3133d ago

Yeah, agreed. The light contributes to an area's atmosphere, think Blizzard is right to do it this way.

Leord3133d ago

Still, D2 had proper daytime cycle, and games like Baldur's Gate, which I am playing now for some reason :P

Fyzzu3133d ago

I do agree that it's better from an artistic standpoint, but I do think that - if done well - a proper day/night cycle can help, particularly if it ties into game mechanics. I find it adds to, say, a graveyard, if you know it's a safe area during the day time, or is dangerous but mildly creepy. It emphasises the difference and the atmosphere at other times.

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thetamer3133d ago

I'm not sure if this is a good thing. I like all games to be at night time!

Leord3133d ago

You just like porn game don't you :P

Dorjan3133d ago

I agree with their points and if D3 was to be more sandbox then I would argue against it. However if it is indeed story driven then they made the right choice!

syrinx3133d ago

I think they need to keep the mood for each zone in the game so a fluctuating day/night cycle may not be the best idea as it could change the feel of an area significantly.

tdogchristy903133d ago

this game can't get here any sooner.

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The story is too old to be commented.