How Mass Effect 2 Will Interact With Your Mass Effect 1 Save

Bitmob: BioWare's upcoming Mass Effect 2 allows you to import a save file from Mass Effect 1. Bitmob asked BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka to explain how this feature will work -- and his answer may shock you.

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M3rkMast3r3164d ago

I wish they implemented this better.

Rockox3164d ago

I'm glad I never played a ME1 game just to set up my character for ME2, even though I played the game so much that I don't remember who I slept with or what decisions I made (though my dealings with Wrex were always consistent). I think I'm going to like the game either way.

Dutch Boogie3164d ago

Really looking forward to play ME2. Looks very polished an promising.

Myst3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

The mass effect wiki gives a slight analysis of what carries over:

Thought about posting it all, but then again it'd be a spoiler pretty much so I just left the link. Anyway tempted to replay some more ME1 in prep for ME2 even though the system will be different. I just feel like playing it again.

Sub4Dis3164d ago

wish i could keep my cash.

kwicksandz3164d ago

i had so much cash by the end of the game that the counter for money stopped and i just had to gel everything i picked up.

ReBurn3164d ago

I think I'm going to start a new Mass Effect play-through this weekend. I honestly don't remember what stats my character had when I finished last time, but I think I'd like to have experienced the story again by the time I start the sequel.

And I don't think it would have made sense to start the second game with the stats from the first one. I don't think it sounds like much fun to start a game at a high level unless you can experience as much of a challenge as you could if you started the game with no prior experience.

ASSASSYN 36o3164d ago

I can't wait to continue my saves. I have wrex alive and the crazy fan at the citidal pissed off! I also killed the council members. However I have bad relations with cerebus. That is going to create some drama.

bbretterson3164d ago

Heh, you're definitely going to have some drama. Without spoiling too much, Cerberus plays a large role in the beginning of the game.

kwicksandz3164d ago

yeah wrex was my main party member throughout the game. i was full renegade and talked him out of needing to kill him. if i can have the krogan from Me2 in my party as well i know ill use him and wrex!

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