Vagrant Story hits PSN on 22nd December

The Lost Gamer writes "Square Enix have today announced that their classic RPG adventure, Vagrant Story, is set to hit the Playstation Store across European and PAL territories next Tuesday 22nd December."

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Chris3993134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

you're missing out on one of the greatest PS1 classics of all time. I enjoyed this game more than FF VII (don't hate me, just a personal choice).

Brilliant, dark story-line. Terrific visuals. Strong sense of style. Great characters. Crazy customization options. Amazing replay value (like a whole second half of the game opens up after you beat it once).

I'd like to think that this release in some way indicates a revitalization of the franchise, but sadly, it's probably just another retro toss-out. I've been waiting for a sequel to this game for years now.

Buy this, play this. It's the Demon's Souls of the PS1. For real.

TheBand1t3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

hmm..I think I'll have to look into it. But wouldn't King's Field be considered the Demon's Souls of that era since Demon's Souls is the spiritual successor to...King's Field?

Mildrop3134d ago

Thats sighty worrying as Demons Souls is uber hard

gaffyh3134d ago

I rented this game for PS1 once, but it was way too long for me to finish it 1 week. It has one of the most in-depth weapon customisation features in any game, though graphically it is not amazing.

Seedhouse3134d ago

How can you complain about graphics when it's a PS1 title, lol :P

Old school games ftw, i'm more bothered about gameplay these days - graphics are a bonus to me :)

Marceles3133d ago

It was graphically amazing when it first came out, the comic book detailed look was sick, and the motion blur effect during the in-game cutscenes. It's not Demon's Souls hard lol, but it was pretty tough. It was very underrated even though the game rated well..if that makes sense. It just seemed alot of people didn't pay enough attention to it since it was a new IP.

gaffyh3133d ago

@above - I'm saying that I didn't find it graphically amazing when I rented it nearly 10 years ago. Obviously not now, although I didn't care back then, and don't care now. :)

slayorofgods3133d ago

Vagrant Story was a very good game for its time. Not nearly as hard as a Kings Field / Demons souls. But the game is much longer and has a very nice battle system and weapon system which makes it fun.

rockleex3133d ago

And all my attacks would only do 1 damage per hit. O_o

Believe me, I was REALLY good with the combo chaining system. I just never really figured out the weapons system.

New games kept coming out, the PS2 came out, etc. I just never got to finish the game.

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rlineker3134d ago

Can't wait for this something to play whilst waiting for FFXIII :)

Mildrop3134d ago

Yeah this is going to relieve the boredom on waiting for FF XIII

Son_Lee3134d ago

Will this also be available for download in America?

Mildrop3134d ago

I would presume it would be a world wide release or at least an EU / NA release

TruEve3133d ago

They should bring it over to the US store soon. I rented (well my dad lol) Vagrant Story when it came out in 2000. After only playing for less than an 30 mins, I was so impressed I had to buy it. So I stopped playing to save the experience for a purchase. Well...I don't know why or how I didn't end up getting it. Long story short, I never played it :( again.

So I hope they bring it here.

Duoma3134d ago

I'd have to agree with chris. This game was very Underrated and Im suprised there isnt even a consideration for a current-gen remake or spiritual successor.

Seedhouse3134d ago

I've been hoping for a while that Square would revisit Vagrant Story, much more so than hoping for a FFVII remake. Then again... either would do me fine! Haha!

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