PC Gamer Editorial Top 100

PC Gamer's Top 100 games of all time - editorial choices

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Silellak3167d ago

Heh, Ultima VII at #24 and Oblivion at #6, even though Ultima VII did everything Oblivion tried to do, and did it better, and came out almost 15 years earlier.

Guess Ultima VII needed more bloom.

Pandamobile3166d ago

I'm surprised Crysis isn't higher in the list. PC Gamer UK gave it a 98%, which is the highest score they've ever given in their many years. The only other game to get a 98 was Half-Life 2.

Still a good list though. TF2 at #3 pleases me :)

toaster3166d ago

TF2 deserves it. Personally I think Half Life and Half Life 2 should trade places but that's just me. HL2 was great but the original revolutionized FPS story telling.

I also think System Shock 2 deserves to be put up a little higher. I'm surprised they put GTAIV in the top 15 because that game was so bug ridden and ugly. It's ok on the consoles but on PC it was a mess.

Cosquae3165d ago

Love these games, brings back so many memories.

Wouldn't have put Sims 3 ahead of Diablo 2, but everyone has their own tastes.