Crispy Gamer: Game of the Year 2009: The Crispies

Crispy Gamer writes: "The year 2009 wasn't so epic. Our perception that the gaming world is built on a strong foundation gave way to a sense that the concrete has yet to set. Last year's boast about the "recession-proof" medium is gone, and as a malaise set in (around mid-summer, according to my Malaise-O-Meter), we started looking forward to 2010.

The big three console makers -- those icons that we pillory even as we look to them for guidance -- showed us they were scared. They resorted to stalling tactics, tinkering around the edges, appending suffixes to their existing creations: PS3 Slim. DSi. PSP Go. (Wii HD? Keep dreaming.) Microsoft already had enough Xbox 360 suffixes to go around, so they rearranged theirs like refrigerator magnets to make it look like they cut prices."

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