No Need To Import Heavy Rain in America

Kotaku writes: Americans who prefer to play uncensored games had to import the European version of the last video game developed by the makers of 2010 PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain. So did fans of sex scenes.

The ambitiously mature Heavy Rain won't be censored for America.

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Lifendz3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

"the co-CEO of its development studio, Quantum Dream's 's Guilaume de Fondaumiere, told Kotaku in a recent interview [that] the ambitiously mature Heavy Rain won't be censored for America."

Great great great news. This was the one caveat with this game. Glad to hear we won't get the short end of the stick here.

And before someone comes in here accusing me or anyone else of being a perv, I'm not happy because I get to see some nudity in a videogame. I'm happy because I want to play the game exactly as the devs made it. I don't want someone censoring out what they feel is inappropriate. Now to see if it gets an M rating.

Prototype3168d ago

Now where to get it from...moneys on Amazon

-EvoAnubis-3168d ago

Great news! This is what I was hoping to hear.

Hanif-8763168d ago

Thats really great news!

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