[Video] Final Fantasy Launches in Japan

A Japanese shopper has recorded a video of the launch of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan, showing how big a launch this is compared to other Japanese titles.

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qface642897d ago

japan has gone crazier for other things this is really nothing to be speechless about

wow the camera this guy is using has great quality if i didn't know any better it looks as if he was recording it for a show or something
nice camera

gaffyh2897d ago

This is like a Halo 3-calibre campaign in Japan!

sikbeta2897d ago

I was expecting this Madness from the minute I knew the release date for this game

This Game will be a HUGE seller in Japan, but with this campaign, we can expect even more sales

Amazing Video Quality too

AKNAA2897d ago

OMG man! ads all over the subway, malls buildings! just insane! all that for a video game, lol!.....damn, 3 more months for us...

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gauntletpython2897d ago

Craaaaaaaazy. It's like the Japanese version of Halo!