Xbox 360 Sales Almost Double After Price Cut

The managing director of a leading online retailer has told IncGamers that the sales of the Xbox 360 have almost doubled since a deal appeared on the high street, cutting a third of the price off the console's RRP.

However, Mark Pearson says that a similar deal for the PS3 wouldn't be as effective:

"I think that the fact that PS3's are so much more expensive than that of the Xbox, that even a price reduction wouldn't make as much of a difference. There would have to be a huge price drop to see sales figures like the ones we have for the Xbox 360."

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Dorjan2892d ago

Now that isn't a surprise! It was one hell of a price drop

iron_sheik2892d ago

since the estimate is based on the result of an ONLINE RETAILER

the price cut was effective in just 2 stores of UK so it could well be fake
lets wait for GFK's numbers . shall we?

Malfurion2892d ago

Did you read the article and look at the retailer site? High street retailers sell products THROUGH this site. It has 9 million unique hits a month.

Let's read things properly, shall we?

Elven62892d ago

Bit misleading since this is a retailers deal only and not anything official. Still interested in seeing how it does though.

gaffyh2892d ago IS NOT a retailer, let alone a leading online retailer. Leading online retailers are Amazon,,

StanLee2892d ago isn't the retailer, HMV and Game are.

Lifendz2892d ago

Is this the fastest a console's ever dropped in price? Great for people like me who have yet to get a 360.

ceedubya92892d ago

Not sure. Both the 360 and PS3 have had some massive price drops since release in some form or another. Doubt too many people are complaining though (except for maybe early buyers!).

Everyone loves buying great things for less. I'd imagine a 99 dollar Arcade console would be hard to pass up if you're on the fence. Heck, I'd buy another one for that price. I already spent 300 on a second PS3!

darthv722892d ago

I am willing to bet they will clearance out the arcades at $99 or less to make room for the new low price sku elite. An elite with 120gb hdd for $199 and then the super elite at 250gb for $299.

You know they will eventually have to make the hdd a standard piece of the puzzle. Natal will require it and so it shall be.

avengers19782892d ago


whoelse2892d ago

You also have to understand that console sales are naturally rapidly increasing anyway as we get closer to Christmas, so you can't truly understand the real effect of this price cut.

Hoggy19832892d ago

The key to this is Xbox Live. The reason that they are willing to sell arcades at this price is that are hoping they can hook people into the Xbox live community. This will ensure loyalty for the 720 and beyond

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Fyzzu2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Whoa. I can understand SOME SORT of leap in sales but that's fairly huge, particularly as it was just recently. Is this being advertised? Has anyone seen an advert?

Maticus2892d ago

Just when you thought they couldn't sell any more...

avengers19782892d ago

This was on one retail site, and let's face it there goal was number one so they could stand to sell 30 million more to try and catch the Wii(for some reason). How many xbox fans have bought more than one console? How many people have bought a spare just incase? I Imagine that the actually number of people that play the 360 is less then the actual number of people that play the PS3 considering there sales figs are nearly identical.
I know at least 3 people that have bought multiple xbox 360's and one person how has went through 4.

Marty83702892d ago

So price went up to come back down again.

2891d ago
4point7BillionLoss2891d ago

Xbox taking over ...again ....

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