New Mass Effect 2 Screens

EA and Bioware have released a new set of screens from Mass Effect 2.

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Maticus3140d ago

I really couldn't be any more excited about this game!

ABizzel13140d ago

All I need for them to do is tweak gameplay (mainly shooting elements), and menus and this will be a buy for me.

The GOTY award for Graphics is going to be an all out war for 2010. Early contender are Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, and Alan Wake (No Halo Reach until I see gameplay, but I'm sure it'll be one as well).

Bigpappy3140d ago

I am not going ti cry though, because I and a grown man. I love the first game. I loved managing my team and not knowing what to expect when I when to new places. The only gripe I had with the first was that the planets didn't have enough variety and seemed to empty. But part 2 is suppose to expand and correct all of that. There is too much info coming from the media as they get to do previews. It is driving me crazy with hype. There is water in my eyes because I know that when it ships, family will be complaining that a grown man spends to much time on his Xbox. Oh well, what am I suppose to do? Just let it sit in my head and eat away at my brain? Playing it is the only way to get it out of your system. There are some great game coming 2010, This is the one that I wish I could just go to the store and give them my hard earn cash so they would get the privilege of playing this game.

Rockox3140d ago

I really need to finish up Dragon Age before ME2 comes out, because if I don't, Dragon Age is going to sit unfinished on my shelf for a LONG time.

thetamer3140d ago

Man, I CANNNNNNOT WAIT. This is going to be awesome.

Leord3140d ago

This game has all the great stuff. Not only a cool story, but also lookin' goood ;)

Fyzzu3140d ago

Ooh, purty. The cybernetics on Shepard's face interest me, though - maybe he's been reconstructed? :)

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The story is too old to be commented.