IncGamers Review - The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

IncGamers' Tim McDonald puts on his engineer's cap and takes The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for a ride.

From the review: "This time around, Link's constant companion isn't a random fairy: it's the title character herself in disembodied spirit form. Villain Malladus, a demon king who has to the best of my knowledge never been mentioned before, needs to reincarnate in her body, and before you can say 'Hey! Listen!' Zelda is whisked away and you're left with her soul. As with another recent DS title – Bowser's Inside Story – the constant companionship of a major series character really gives an insight into a personality that we haven't seen so much of before."

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Leord3202d ago

Not surprised at the grade, it seems like a great game!

Dorjan3202d ago

A solid zelda game after this time? Nice!

Maticus3202d ago

Hmm, not convinced. I want them to concentrate on another proper Zelda game :P

Redrudy3202d ago

One for the kiddies from chrimbo.

lizzbeester3202d ago

good looking game, i think ill get this one soon.

although from some things i've seen so far it looks a little repetitive from the last one (phantom hourglass).

I hope this one has more of a challenge, the last one was quite easy, just time consuming... (sigh). Ah well I'll give it a shot ;P!