See the incredible facial details in new Heavy Rain screens

Sure, we are used to seeing amazingly detailed screens from the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. But the latest batch of screenshots from Quantic Dream show an amount of detail not yet seen within a video game. Especially faces are rendered in a truly realistic way. Check for yourself in the latest batch of screenshots from Heavy Rain.

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ActionBastard2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

And Sony sets the bar...again...again.

himdeel2988d ago

...but what's a bit disheartening is regardless of how good it looks it will be overshadowed by any other game at the end of the year by our so-called game journalist. They'll say it was unoriginal, does nothing new and could have looked better if it weren't for the jaggies somewhere on screen that anyone without a microscope cannot see.


raztad2988d ago


I dont think bloggers and "journalists" can get away bashing HR for lack of originality, they will look very stupid.

Probably they will come with someting like "it is a movie", "the qtes", "boring" and the best comment could come from EDGE: "the story is cliche CSI"

Lifendz2988d ago

gorgeous, just gorgeous. If the game moves at a consistent frame rate, the PS3 will have topped itself in the visuals and innovative gameplay department.

sikbeta2988d ago


This game is HUGE not matter how it sells or how much fanboys say "it's a moviez"

First Day Purchase For Me

VARIETY > half @ssed over repetitive FPS games

Aquarius2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Why are people suprised?
I know I'm not...
O.k., lol I am a bit. 1 of my most anticipated games of 2010. (that is until the new GOWIII trailer in January ;)

Just so people haven't forgotten, there is evidence of PS3 producing visuals like this over two years ago-



DaTruth2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I had this same screenshot from the header pic on my television and my wife looked over and said, "Who's that?"

@Aquarius: Those are pre-rendered cutscenes, they can't be compared to Heavy Rain in engine gameplay.

lve2playbball2988d ago

raztad have you ever humped your PS3 before? I bet you have tried.

ActionBastard2988d ago

I have and it still works. 360? Not so much.

raztad2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

[email protected]

So it's a sin to be excited for a game? your a sad individual.

You have too many bubbles and contribute with nothing. Taking one of them.

FamilyGuy2988d ago

They might be trying too hard, these are the best non-cgi character models i've ever seen and they compare strongly with cgi models (in facial detail) too.

Sevir042988d ago

Back then There were tons of jaggies in PS3 exclsuives, and That picture shows just how the jaggies plagued the PS3 back then. still HS was pioneering amazing grahics and facial animations 2 years ago. but the bar has been torn down and long been replaced with a bar set far higher. Game developers are going to have a really rough time trying to out do PS3 exclusives, 2009 showed how the bar was set and it suddenly looks as if it's only Son's exclusives are competiting with each other, because every thing else justlooks MEH compared to the top dogs like UNcharted 2, KZ2, Heavy Rain, God of war 3, the Last Gaurdian, It's just impressive to see that games are looking this good at just 3 years into the PS3's life. ^^

maxbyte2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

OK. I am as eager to get this game + I love every PS I own (1, 2 and 3) + I loved Fahrenheit gameplay, but, boys and girl (there has to be one girl here, right?) look at this

what the hell is that? that doesn't look like anything!

especially compared to:

I am somehow fearing that this game will be a bit hectic in its quality delivery.

BTW, I think that Heavenly Sword link is an actual engine rendering not a prerendered shot.

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raztad2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

[email protected] again

It feels good to have such a dedicated fan. I can mail you an underwear of mine just for you to enjoy.

And besides your offtopic attack what else are you doing here? this is not a xbox thread. The title doesnt have any "Halo" in it. I dont see any attack toward your precious xbox in my posts. At least wait for me to say something if you want to attack me.

DaTruth2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

You guys need to replay Heavenly Sword! The gameplay looks nowhere near the cutscenes. I know it's part of the art direction, but that game doesn't look as good as it use to. It has the Ico bleeding cartoony kind of look that they are using in Trico to much better results!

I replayed all my games before Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls was released and HS is a great game but is now really out shined in graphics department!

2988d ago
raztad2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )


You are a fan of raztad :) I can live with that, just join the line, there are others standing earlier than you. I know, I know I'm awesome.

Yeah of course, quite typical "I'm not a fanboy" because I bought a PS3. MEH! I know truth hurts, but it's still truth. If you get me playing the fanboy role, I invite you to rebate my arguments. In a civic way of course. It's ridiculous to play "the macho" role over a keyboard.

lve2playbball2988d ago

Well played sir, well played. I rather enjoy a good sparring match. You didn't play into my little game, bubbles to you. On a friendlier note, I'm expecting UC2 tomorrow, and if I don't get it til Monday I'm gonna be super pissed. My last final is tomorrow and I need something to do until Christmas and from everything I've heard about UC2, I'll be busy.

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crazy17042988d ago

Simply Amazing. I cannot believe the first screenshots aren't prerendered. How could a 3 year old graphic chip possibly cope with THAT?

raztad2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )


It sounds unbelievable if you keep thinking about the PS3 as a PC, I mean, graphic card + processor. That's not the way it works. The Cell can help the RSX to render graphical stuff.


There is no need for that. The PC is infinitely upgradeable and new cards/more memory/better cpu/faster buses always improve the performance.

Simon_Brezhnev2988d ago

@ raz

Now since you sad that the PC fanboys are going to go crazy.

presto7172988d ago

I logged in just to give you a bubble. For some reason your comment cracked me up. Excellence in simplicity. Couldn't have possibly said it better myself

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Keanu7772988d ago

More realistic than real actors with botox-faces

Chocolatebacon2988d ago

Wow, okay, this IS impressing. Even if I'm not into that kind of games...

neotom2988d ago

never seen that quality on any system. really impressive.