Disney Added To PSP Comics Roster

Sony has announced comics by Disney aimed at younger readers are now available to download for the PSP's Digital Comics service.

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Dorjan3204d ago

That's cool! Makes the PSP even cooler :D

thetamer3204d ago

I'm younger, and I want some Disney games.

Maticus3204d ago

Hmm, can you beat the feel of the comic in your hands? The smell of the ink?

Leord3204d ago

Haha, love comics, but I like them in paper :)

Fyzzu3204d ago

Alright, that's pretty cool. If this means I can store a load of comics on the PSP and read them on the train, or some such, I'm all for it. Going to have to check this out.

AndyA3204d ago

Yeah, gonna have to give this a try. The interface sounds quite decent.

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