TopWare Interactive: "With GRACE Engine it's no wonder Sony and Microsoft are putting off Next-Gen consoles for another 2 – 3

In an interview with Strategy Informer, Scott Cromie Producer at TopWare Interactive has been talking about the GRACE Engine, which will be used for the development of Two Worlds II across all platforms.

Cromie claims that the breakthroughs of this engine are changing the way we see and experience video games on consoles.

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TOO PAWNED3202d ago

I don't know if i should take his comment seriously or is he being sarcastic? Two World 2 is some sort of amazing tech display game? IS this guy for real?
i guess this is just a joke, has to be....right?!

siyrobbo3202d ago

we'll have to wit and see i suppose

The Happy Baby3202d ago

I think he's joking. I mean, the environments, KINDA look pretty, but nothing special. The character models are bland in the face, and lack body definition.

Sony and MS may put off consoles for a while, but not because of this engine.

darkmurder3202d ago

No offense to him but Two Worlds 2 looks like assburgers, theres grass textures in that picture without any grass objects lol fail, thats some real graphical prowess right there I'm sure my beast will struggle to run this Crysis killer.

"We’ve seen games like Dragon Age: Origins utilize great graphics and beautiful environments on the PC but fail to translate those well to consoles."

What crack is this guy smoking, DA:Origins looked pretty decent on consoles anyway.

Simon_Brezhnev3202d ago

im not really taking it serious until i see proof

Chris3993202d ago

The man is clearly a heavy narcotics user to be making such rabid claims. I mean, it looks alright, if you play it with the sound OFF. But man oh man, such hokey dialog. And the game doesn't look as good or better than the top tier games on HD consoles either - Gears/ Uncharted.

I'm guessing that the trailer is the PC version too.

Leio3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

And it supposed to be the a wonder of this gen ??


DARK WITNESS3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

he must be on " E " or something.....

two worlds, is this the same two worlds that was meant to be the oblivion beating rpg ?

it must be a joke.

edit just watched the vid... lolololololololol.. oh my...

that was horrible. that was offensive to my eyes, i won't put them through it.

I am supprised they even got the funding to make this game considering how crap the first was. how many copies did they sell of the first.

These publishers are funny supporting such crap games and then letting games with much better potential go on the back burner.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3202d ago

Wow, that doesn't even looks as good as Halo 3 that at the same time looks like an Xbox game...

OtherWhiteMeat3202d ago

That trailer is soooo painful to watch.I've seen better Saturday morning cartoons.

darkmurder3202d ago

Lol thanks for the laugh, it looks so clunky and voice acting is terrible, the backhand is the climax bloody funny!

DeadlyFire3202d ago

Wait for E3 2010 to be over before declaring Sony and Microsoft have put anything off just yet.

dgroundwater3202d ago

Nice trailer haha. A pimp slap during a sword fight? Awesome.

"Find him, or fall on your soul!" = WTF?

cyberwaffles3202d ago

lol these guys gotta be joking. that video was funny btw. one of the worst fights i've ever seen.

i'd put it as an honorable mention for my top "best" fight scenes of all time a long with these clips.

number 6

number 5

number 4

number 3

number 2

and at number 1

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zornik3202d ago

Two Worlds was 1 of the worst console games ever released (now RISEN is on the first spot)
Now the sequal will be a milestone for console games?????

Jeromejones3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Cromie. "Four years ago when Microsoft released the Xbox 360, no one could have conceived that the technology would have lasted this long."

It didn't =_=

Chubear3202d ago

If this game was coming out as a 360 exclusive, it will be hyped to hell and back as teh bes thing eva! with 360 fans saying "KZ1 was trash but KZ2 did "better" so why can't 2worlds?"

The 360fans are desperate for any exclusive they can dance about.

DiffusionE3202d ago

And so the console game hunt for a true "Crysis-killer" continues. Next-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox720 will probably bring forth such games, but definitely not from the currently available consoles.

Letros3202d ago

Yea, still pretty crazy that Crysis came out over 2 years ago. I have PS3 and Xbox so I've played those "killers" and nothing even comes close to the graphics of Crysis. Damn Germans, putting everyone to shame.

Chubear3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

lol, PC gamers insecurity this gen has been very amusing. Previous gens, PC gamers never thought of coming close to comparing console games to PC.

btw, what other game on PC had come close to Crysis graphics? None you say? uhm. It's been 2yrs as you say and Crysis is continually held in the for-front of anything PC.. why is that uh?

How many PC games have gamers in general been in jaw droping amazment since Crysis? None you say? uhm, how come PC's GOTY by numerous sources have been a multiplat game and nothing exclusive to the PC? uhmmm, I wonder.

Is Crysis in danger of becoming the PC gamer base's gears? where every time graphics are mentioned they pull that ONE title out their ying yang? maybe so.

Letros3202d ago

You should know that Crysis was developed for current Gen GPU tech, PC's are highly scalable, Far Cry 2 looked really good on PC as well, Dirt 2 has amazing graphics on PC too! I'm not a complete graphics whore I MAINLY PLAY RTS (DoW2!!!), but if I don't have 1080p and 4x supersampling AA with v-sync, it really gets under my skin(I hate jaggies and tearing), which is why I prefer to mostly game on PC.

You have to understand PC games while having the best graphics, are generally not made for awesome graphics, it is a huge indie platform(I love low budget titles, Killing Floor is a blast), and then theres developers like Blizzard understand not everyone has a beast GPU.

I think the reason PC gamers pull Crysis out for graphics is because yes, it is that good, and yes the gameplay is pretty awesome too, (except warhead, i thought i kinda sucked lol) you really need to experience it maxed out. Crysis benchmark standard will not be around much longer, Crysis 2 is due out soon.

In short, get yourself a gaming PC along with your consoles, It's fun to have them all!

JamieReleases3202d ago

Hopefully we see some updated videos that show this amazing engine soon.

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