Final Fantasy XIII Director Hints At DLC

NowGamer: The director of Square Enix's magnum opus has posted a statement on the game's official site hinting at future content

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qface642985d ago

game just released today and the are already getting DLC ready? um ok?
anyways whatever happened to

Chris3992983d ago

Of our favorite franchises. Master Chief's nipples are raw, Mario needs reconstructive surgery on his at this point, and Lightning is next on the udder-clamps.

3sq2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

SE said a lot of BS.

They said FFXIII will be exclusive to PS3
They said the 360 port will not start until the PS3 version is done.
They said there will be no DLC
They said there will be The Last Remnant for PS3
They said Star Ocean 4 will be exclusive to 360
They said FFXIV will only be available for PS3 and PC


pippoppow2983d ago

Just like many other Devs this gen. Pure liars and people keep taking their word.

Pyrrhus2983d ago

Still would be curious to see what DLC is offered =/

theusedfake2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

maybe what he meant was if it does well enough and people
like it, they'll create some sort of FFVII-like spinoffs
like a movie or sequels.