MTV Multiplayer: Bioshock 2 Interview

MTVMultiplayer writes: "Those who haven't been following the progress of "BioShock 2" may be surprised to learn that the above image, created by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, depicts the protagonist of the game. Yes, you are a Big Daddy, and your nemesis is one Sophia Lamb, who has taken control of Rapture after the fall of Andrew Ryan. Andrew Ryan's motivations were so crucial to understanding the underwater world of Rapture, but Sophia Lamb's philosophies take center stage in "BioShock 2," so I want to make sure you guys understand where she's coming from. Thankfully, Hogarth De La Plante, who worked on the original "BioShock" and is now the lead environmental artist for "BioShock 2," was more than happy to discuss just what makes Lamb tick. In his words:"

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