Final 3-D Blu-ray Specification Announced

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) today announced the finalization and release of the "Blu-ray 3D" specification. It leverages the technical advantages of the BD format to deliver "unmatched picture quality" as well as uniformity and compatibility across the full range of Blu-ray 3D products, both hardware and software. The specification is also designed to allow the PS3 to play back Blu-ray 3D content in 3-D.

Notably, the specification allows every player and movie supporting it to deliver full HD 1080p resolution to each eye. Moreover, the specification is display agnostic, meaning that Blu-ray 3D products will deliver the 3-D image to any compatible 3-D display, regardless of whether that display uses LCD, plasma or other technology and regardless of what 3-D technology the display uses to deliver the image to the viewer's eyes.

Regarding compatibility, the specification supports playback of 2-D discs in forthcoming 3-D players and can enable 2-D playback of Blu-ray 3D discs on the installed base of Blu-ray Disc players currently in homes around the world.

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Marty83703138d ago

Can't wait for 3D gaming on PS3

Jump Out, Play B3yond

evilmonkey5013138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I have my 3d dlp samsung!
In japan they're already broadcasting some television in 3-d. Starting with gran turismo 5, most ps3 games will support 3d gaming.
Sony is also selling its own 3d tv worldwide in 2010.
I cant wait to watch avatar in 3-d!!!!

WildArmed3138d ago

damn u evil monkey! D:
My HDTV no supports 3D =(
Unless Sony magically allows all Bravia TVs to do 3D, I'm in for no 3D love until 2012 =/

Hisiru3138d ago

I don't see the big difference on this video:

Maybe I will have to wait and see it by myself.

darthv723138d ago

My samsung plasma is a pn42a450 and can do 3d as well. I dont have the glasses kit yet. I do believe the 360 is getting 3d as well so this will be good for both ps3 and 360.

There is a third party that has made a special program that will make the ps3 and 360 do 3d via hdmi and convert 2d movies into 3d. This sounds like the BDA has taken that approach one step further.

myothercar3138d ago

@ Hisiru

You don't see the big difference?

Hello?! McFly!

Hisiru3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The image is blurred on the racing game. Is that the 3D effect? If it's, I don't like it. That's why I think I should wait and use the glasses to make my judgments.

I am just saying that I will probably have to use the glasses. I don't think a video on youtube will show you the real experience.

saint_john_paul_ii3138d ago

because you are not wearing 3D glasses. LMAO.

sikbeta3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I can't watch the video you posted, because right now my Flash-Plugin is working BAD, but better not be a random video from a nøøb, cuz they know [email protected]

You can't record a 3D video with an average/common/normal camera, because it use a single lens that is equivalent to a Single Eye

3D gaming will be amazing, I know lot of people will say it make people have headaches but that's because they are not used to it

The only thing that bothers me are the glasses, this the first attempt to make 3D functional, but better implement a new way to enjoy it without the glasses ASAP

Hisiru3138d ago


As you said, it's difficult to show the real experience of 3D on a video, if the guy isn't recording using a proper camera it won't show a big difference, that's why I am complaining. I am sure it will be amazing on a real TV+PS3 and not on a youtube video. evilmonkey501 is giving us some links but he will let people confused because the real experience is much better than what is showed on the videos.

I don't think I will have problems using glasses, it will be improved in the future.

rockleex3138d ago

And you will be as excited for 3D gaming as I am.


evilmonkey5013137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I know guys that you cant see the 3d on the youtubevideo, however, it was provided as proof that gt5 will support 3d.I hope all of you get to enjoy 3d real soon....I'm already watching 3d know, you can get a 3d tv for a grand. The glasses kit I currently have was only around 130 usd. The benefit of getting The Sony 3dtv is that everything will come included and it wont need any external hardware to operate.

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nycredude3138d ago

I've been looking to get a new tv but a sony rep told me to hold off until next year for the 3d tvs. Can't wait really. He told me the price will only be a bit more than current tvs.

mrv3213138d ago

That's good customer service.

rawd3138d ago

Holy sh!t time to sell my 52"LCD

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