Modern Warfare 2: A Booster's Paradise

Go! Gaming Giant takes a look at the ways in which gamers are exploiting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to gain an upper hand over their rivals.

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omicron0093167d ago

infinite ammo and no reloading, sounds like a hell of a good time to me :)

BadboyCivic3603167d ago

ill take that instead of dealing with the campers

thegreatest78843167d ago

This is why I havent touched the game in 2 weeks. IW needs to take the game offline and fix it already. Maybe now they understand why a beta is worth the time and money.

Kamikaze83166d ago

Yea, I still dont like playing it. Glitches ruin it all.

Another One3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I play every once in a while and hardly ever notice any problem. I play, have fun, then turn it off and go about my life. People care way too much about this stuff.

kornbeaner3166d ago

I think for the $60 most paid for this game they should care. If they don't let it be known that there is dissatisfaction with a product more S!it products get made. MW1 = Greatness, MW2 = Turd and both cost the same.

ZBlacktt3166d ago

If you didn't care so much. You should not be posting in here? As it seems to not effect you either way. Just a thought. The COD issues come up all the time in here. Seems to be never ending. Even the single player has been hacked. Fans of the game should be pissed. The game is basically ruined. Now with Christmas break coming up. Man, if I was a hardcore player of this game. I'd rant as well.

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