FF13 flies off the digital shelves

Following on from Japanese gamers causing Amazon Japan to sell out of copies of Final Fantasy XIII before launch, Importing gamers are now pushing stock to the absolute limit.

An employee of top import store Play Asia told UFFSite the extent of the demand.

"We expected FF13 to be big, but in the last few days before launch we have seen a surge of orders from overseas, with lots of games being despatched to the US. We obtained extra stock and we have shipped more copies of the game than I'd care to count already. We'll be shipping these all day!"

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AP3046d ago

This is gonna sell a tonnn.

densai3046d ago

mine shipped from play asia at 11am this morning

AP3046d ago

Yep, mine too. This morning.

ryuzu3046d ago

So, look out for copies going cheap on Ebay in January!! If you can stand playing with a Japanese translation script in one hand and a DS3 in the other...


sikbeta3046d ago

Without a doubt, this game Definitely gonna sale like CRAZY

3046d ago
AP3046d ago

No subs but the site linked and others are doing full translation guides for non japanese speakers. I'm not worried about understanding!

Raf1k13046d ago

Does play asia include postage price when you pay?

I bought GoW Collection from renchi which charged me for postage but then I got an invoice through the mail from FedEx as well. Is this normal for import websites?

AP3046d ago

The postage is about 10 dollars more, but there should be no invoice!

TheDeadMetalhead3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Must be nice not when you don't have to wait for the 360 version because "B-B-BUT THEN IT WOULDN'T BE EQUAL!!1". :/

GameGambits3045d ago

I still don't think I'm going to be getting anything from Play-Asia ever again to be honest. It should go on a first come first serve basis.

On their site they said if you order the game before the 12th of December they will ship your order on the 17th. I've had mine done since Dec 11th for almost 114 dollars worth to get this game. What's a real slap in the face is that on different sites I've read people have ordered theirs past Dec 12th deadline and already had theirs shipped out.

I'm stuck on preparing order and at this point I know that's Play-Asia's way of saying, "Sorry buckaroo we won't be sending it till next week or later tough luck."

It's not entirely their fault, because I should've looked around more to find a faster and more reliable site. Oh well...

f7897903045d ago

If you don't read Japanese your going to need a translation so you at bare minimum know where the heck to go.

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densai3046d ago

Massive Sales for PS3!!

AP3046d ago

Well, seeing as it's only on PS3...

gtamike1233046d ago

FF13 out near xmas = MEGA ps3 sales!!!!

densai3046d ago

unstoppable force mate

AP3046d ago

Oh you guys. Screw system wars, I just want FF13!

nefertis3046d ago

@gtamike123 is that american ps3 because i see no jap writing on it I want it so bad.

Baba19063046d ago

i wish it was march 2010 =D make it happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.