Eurogamer: Split/Second Hands-On

"The one iconic action sequence that comes up time and time again is that idea of a big articulated lorry attacking the smaller hero car." Nick Baynes, game director on Split/Second, is about to show a New Feature!

Waving an Xbox pad around excitedly as Eurogamer munches on a bourbon cream in the Brighton studio's meeting room, he reels off examples from the movies: Bad Boys 2, The Island, Terminator 2. Each one, he says, has its Mega Truck vs. Hero Car moment. Now Black Rock's made its own virtual tribute.

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IaMs123162d ago

When i saw the commercial for this game it looks awesome! I love the idea of the enviroment changing and you having to move through it. BUT of course they will bomb it and it wont be how i hope it is :(