IncGamers Column: Why I'm Backing Heavy Rain

IncGamers' Andy Alderson explains why Quantic Dream's story-driven adventure will divide gamers.

From the column:

"I've been playing Heavy Rain for the last couple of weeks and, I can't deny, it's had an effect on me. Aside from walking around singing the game's title to the tune of Prince's "Purple Rain," I've found myself thinking about Quantic Dream's narrative experiment with annoying frequency. Or, more specifically, thinking about how it's going to be received."

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thetamer3167d ago

This does look pretty amazing

Dorjan3167d ago

It still sounds like a graphic novel of types..

Fyzzu3167d ago

A graphic novel with branching paths and actual gameplay. I'm not sure why this would be a bad thing.

AndyA3167d ago

Seems like the fact that it's a story-driven game is attracting criticism from some. Personally, I think it's great to see a developer taking narrative seriously.

Leord3167d ago

Heh, I doubt he meant anything negative. When has a graphical novel ever been bad? :)

People who dislike graphical novels usually use more derogatory terms like "glorified comic" or the like.

Maticus3167d ago

I've seen parts of this game, it looks totally jaw-dropping.

Leord3167d ago

This is definitely a one of a kind game.