GT5 vs. Forza 3 ingame comparison

Which console exclusive looks better? With the recent release of the Gran Turismo Academy Demo, it is possible to do a direct ingame comparison between Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5. Which game looks better? Decide yourself!

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Bungie3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

GT5 wins grafix

Forza 3 wins Physics

my opinion of course

but what's wrong with the Tracks in GT5

when a gar slides or drift there's no tire marks or anything

it looks too clean and unrealistic

not sure about damage

forza 3 have okay damage

i don't know about gt5 ... i hope they fixed the bumper car issue in GT5P and add Tire deformation

both games are good

if you have a 360 buy forza

ps3 buy GT5

360/PS3 buy whatever you like or both

gamers FTW

LukaX233139d ago

Lol - you guys are comparing a full game (Forza 3) to a demo (Gran Turismo 5). As a true fan of racing games, I'd have to say Gran Turismo beats Forza on every level. If you're a true racing fan, GT is the way to go. If you like a little more arcadey stuff, Forza 3 is for you.

Gran Turismo gets 1-up because the developers don't act like jackasses.

Oerba_Fang3139d ago

According to Yamauchi the game is finished and there just adding extras and debugging for now.

From those screens Forza 3 has better textures but GT5 has better car models. However both games will probably get bland and boring after the first 2 days.

LiL T3139d ago

I didn't know there was a GT5 demo out. I mean I just downloaded something but when I play it it says "GRAN TOURISMO TIME TRIAL CHALLENGE" I didn't see demo anywhere. Looks like some people are getting scared of a little 200mb time trial and comparing it to a full 2 DISK game.

The_Savior3139d ago

Don't make me laugh.

Sony has already said that GT Academy is NOT A DEMO of GT5, but rather a showcase of the new physics engine + contest. Polyphony actually stripped out and compressed all of the good graphics and polygon counts for accessibility. Considering that the entire demo is a whole 220MB, comparing Forza 3 graphics to a gimped time trial...

Now that's funny.

Parapraxis3139d ago

As absurd as this comparison is, I expected some foolish site who didn't do their research to do it.
Anybody who actually thinks this is what the final game is going to look like is going to have a heaping serving of crow delivered to them on a carbotanium platter come March.

Guido3139d ago

Why do we do this every time a demo of any game is released? How is it on god's great earth that anybody in their right mind would even think it is ok to compare a demo to a retail game? Sorry, but to do so is completely and utter idiocy.

DarkMantrid3139d ago

Personally i think that gt5 looks alot better then forza. Alot.

Although i might have forgotten to take my fanboy lenses out.

Shadow Flare3139d ago

This comparison is stupid for the exact reasons #1.5 gave. This is the GT Academy Time Trial Challenge. This demo is by no means the latest build. I can tell cos prologue had better graphics in some parts. You only need to look at the gamescom GT5 build to tell you this time trial is an old build. Saying that, the car model still blew me away. Looks fantastic. But I really need to get myself a steering wheel for this game. Im just not getting good enough times

Aquanox3139d ago

The only thing where GT5 outperforms Forza is Car Models. Everything else goes for Forza 3.

Bungie3139d ago

they already said that's the physics for the final game

nothing is going to change

it's not that bad

MikeMichaels3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Proof is in the pudding...

....end of discussion.

Zack Sawyer3139d ago

For those who keep repeating "It's not a demo its a time trial only" you are wrong. Load it up and you will find the splash screen which says that it in fact is if you can be bothered.

But anyways I am extremely impressed with the interior visuals, having played Forza 3 for the past few months I can say that in terms of lighting its a big leap over the lifeless interior in that game. The details themselves also seem to be much finer and distinct. Without a decent wheel though i cant judge anything about the handling across either game.

And for those complaining about the environment textures its probably because they would rather your racing experience itself be smooth and untouched by frame drops, after all racing is what its all about.

In my opinion this game is going to be immense!!

gaffyh3139d ago

Of course GT looks better, I mean GT5P which came out two years ago looks better than Forza 3 which released two months ago! Even the physics are more realistic on GT, and have always been, Forza leans slightly towards being more arcadey.

Noctis Aftermath3139d ago

Me: Wow, all these people who seem to of played the full version of GT5
Sony: But it's not out yet.
Me: you say it's not out yet? then what the hell are they comparing forza to?
Sony: a 201mb time trial that is not a demo.
Me: LMAO! these guys are seriously stupid!

Shadow Flare3139d ago

They're talking about driving physics. This time trial is showing off their new driving physics engine. So yes thats final, and its feels brilliant. But everything else was stripped down for this time trial. And obviously damage physics will still be implemented. Thats why all in all, its dumb to do a comparison using this time trial challenge. Because its by no means representative of the final product. Its not a demo

hay3139d ago

You people do realize this isn't really a GT5 demo but a GT Academy time trial? I mean, from the screenies alone it appears that visuals are a bit worse than in GT5P.

we won3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

The only thing GT5 has on forza 3 is the lighting in the cocpit. I just made a Japanses PSN account and Downloaded the demo, it's a joke in comparison to Forza 3. The physics in GT5 are piss poor and the environments are sad with cardboard cut out trees with cross section 2 1/2 D tech, flat textures and blurry inferior textures. I promise you GT5 demo is not on par with Forza 3, this is why PS3 fans and supporters are doing damage contro, making claims about the small download size screaming about the supposed compressed demo supposedly showing off the great gameplay and physics? I couldn't even keep the car on the raod and when I thought I got understood how to play the Dog Sh*t physics kept surprising me.
From what I played on PS3 a few minutes ago, GT5 isn't even in the same ballpark. I'm a level 50 twice over in Forza 3, I know every rock in the pavement on every track.

The two guys walking in the GT5 demo before you play look funny together :/

krisq3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

...but do anyone of you played this? On the main screen says:
'This is the demo of upcoming GT5 game.'
Stop 'this is not a demo' BS.

poindat3139d ago

...Did you seriously just try linking to a folder on your computer? With that level of technological sophistication, I'm frankly surprised that you were able to get online with your PS3, hell... How did you even manage to plug it in? Fail.

And I bet you are getting bad times because:
A) You don't have a wheel
B) You just suck. :p

Just because you are inept at racing sims doesn't mean the physics are bad.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3139d ago

I think that Bungie doesn't even know what physics are if he actually think that Forza is superior on that aspect. In fact, all his show of unbiasedness smells like bullcrap... But I would like to know what makes him think that Forza 3 has better physics than GT because in my opinion that statement it's plain ridiculous.

Forza 3 drives more like an arcade game than a simulator like GT were its car behave more like real cars. That's why the gameplay of GT is hard to get into it for some poeple and all that is made through physics you know...

Don't forget about this fact either:

That's prologue for you.

raztad3139d ago

Lets put it this way:

GT5Prologue DESTROYS Forza3 in terms of visuals, here is the analysis from Digital Foundry (Eurogamer)

It's expected GT5 to be better than Prologue so I think it's quite safe to say Forza3 stands no chance against GT5.

BTW, GT5 "DEMO" is not a demo of visuals just the driving physics.

lokiroo4203139d ago

@ we won

You really did just try and link from your pc, omg, lmao, we have a new king ladies and gentlemen, get him his helmet and chin strap before he hurts himself!

sikbeta3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Still comparing F3 with GT5P,

The "P" is for PROLOGUE, is a DEMO, NOT the full Game

Wait, this is even WORSE, the F*cking site is comparing the "Gran Turismo Academy Demo" against a full released Game

WOW...Delusional way to compare 2 games lol

we won3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

It's not funny bro, Gt5 at least in that demo is garbage and shows the garbage PS2 like graphics and phyiscs. You can go ahead and use what ever excuse you like. This damage control article actually shows how bad the textures are in GT5. The phyiscs are so bad I was spinning almost in the same spot for little to no reason at all and my nissan has the handling of a R1 class car.

Parapraxis3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

@we won,
What's your PSN? And why are you pretending to know what you are talking about?
You are an obvious troll, comment histories are easy to look up kiddo.

EDIT: PSN then?

3139d ago
we won3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

It's bad man and all the previewers where trying to respect the franchise when they talked about the need for improvemnts son. lol The demo is garbage and you better hope and pray the final game isn't close to what this crap is. bu bub bu bu the demo is only 200 and something in size, blah blah blah the dame demo has one type of car and one track lol.

Hahasha ha ha ha Even PS3 fanboys were clowning this game in other GT5 articles the last couple of days. I can see why these guys on this SDF site felt the need to pull together some vs shots captured perfectly to make GT5 seem on par with FZ3 for PS3 fanboy morale. They did it with Forza 3 vs Forza 2 and Forza 3 vs GT5P and NFSS.

Microsoft Xbox 3603139d ago

Bungie why do you comment like that? You're just as bad as a spam bot.

gaffyh3139d ago

LMAO @ we won, trying to act like he has a PS3. It is funny "bro," to see you doing such bad damage control.

No one on this website is going to believe you, when we've played GT5P and Forza 3, and GT5P is better than Forza 3 in terms of both physics AND graphics. It's a fact, and you really think GT5 is gong to look worse than GT5P which came out 2 years ago? LOL I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or laugh at you.

GT has, and always will be, the best racing series available. I refuse to buy Forza 3 due to Turn 10's stupid PR comments before release, and I can understand that Xbox 360 only owners feel the need to defend their exclusive racing game. But GT5 will have QUALITY & QUANTITY (More cars, Nascar & WRC, full campaign, real driving experience).

The Real Driving Simulator.

Antan3139d ago

"Hahasha ha ha ha Even PS3 fanboys were clowning this game in other GT5 articles the last couple of days. I can see why these guys on this SDF site felt the need to pull together some vs shots captured perfectly to make GT5 seem on par with FZ3 for PS3 fanboy morale. They did it with Forza 3 vs Forza 2 and Forza 3 vs GT5P and NFSS."

Not to shabby for something released in 2007 vs something from 2009. Do your damage con"troll"ing elswhere. Why Dis, POG, Really Duh etc etc.............

IaMs123139d ago

Personally i like ForzaIII for the more arcade feel to it, and PGR4 because thats my personal preference. But i do wish Forza had some features of GT5 and im sure there are features GT5 should have that Forza has. But im truely surprised about how well ForzaIII looked from all the crap its been getting from what the devs have said. Looks mighty good, and GT5 looks awesome as well. 2 great games im sure of it.

Like Bungie said, whats wrong with liking one or the other? Forza dont support the Devs because you hate them? Buy it used. Doesnt mean you shouldnt enjoy either.

rawd3139d ago

You have to excuse Xbox users. They are used to full games being 200 mb

3139d ago
sgaap3139d ago

I hope they fix it in the real game...

Mr Logic3139d ago

Sadly, I gotta hand it to Forza. The grass definitely looks better in that game. :)

Wile3139d ago

@ Microsoft Xbox 360

"Bungie why do you comment like that? You're just as bad as a spam bot."

Might want to look at your own comment history before trying to call someone out like that. Just saying...

EvilBlackCat3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )


because its going to be a big disappointment to us racing simulator hardcore gamers...

OF COURSE its going to be the sh!t for you PS3 fans, Yeah i know YOU GUYZ disagree but when the day arrives and you open your GT5 copy and find out its not really the simulator that you guyz hope it is...



Wow fnck the 220mb excuse and everybody who gives it!

every PS3 comes with a damn HDD and there is no fncking excuse for a damn 1GB GT5 Demo on PSN.

So stop been morons and cut the B.S.

you all bash Forza3 since his 1st announcement so get ready to be kick in the azz in N4G .

Try the demo already and MY GOD!!! THIS SUCK!!!

edgeofblade3139d ago

Honestly, I'm not so sure there is a viable "Best" criteria here. They both look great in some ways that the other comes up a hair short.

Of course, those with a bias towards the incumbent GT series will probably continue their pigheaded drive.

I, on the other hand, secure in the fact that I HATE simulation driving games, care not...

Microsoft Xbox 3603139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Oh stop. You completely misunderstood what I said. What I meant was that he types very robotic-like hence why I said "spam bot". My comment had nothing to do with what he's talking about.

DevastationEve3139d ago

They're both racing games. GT or about going with the game that will load on the console you have?

Comparisons really don't matter in the end, it only looks good because you're staring at it. The rest of the world just cares about how it plays. I'll give the edge to Forza since I really haven't had as much in a racing game as I have with Forza. If you're SERIOUS about racing and consider it some sort of class thing then you should really be out there DRIVING cars, not pretending that you can afford it just because the game only cost you $60.

My 2 pennies.

40cal3139d ago

GT has this one in the bag. And @ Bungie, wow, just wow, the track is clean because if you look, its the first lap. LOL @ you.

See, 2 minutes 31 seconds in, OMG! tire tracks. again LOL @ you.

Forza still has a long way to go in every department.

Greywulf3139d ago

And nothing like the Tokyo track HD-Direct Feed. The time trial has amazing physics. That 370z is fun once you get the hang of it.But yeah, lets wait till a proper GT5 demo is out. Everything is low res in this one, with 1 car on the track. And as others said, there isn't even any grass.

What i've taken from the time trial is a few things. The sense of speed is great, you feel every single bump on the road now, and the car/cocxpit view acts accordingly. The weight of the vehicles seems to have been better translated to the wheel. You REALLY feel traction loss now a bit more than previously. Sound is amazing. You really hear the transmission whine now, and I didn't check to see if the racing 370z was turbo. Was too busy trying to beat all the australians.

I question the quality difference from Tokyo to this though, and yea. The screen says its a demo of GT5. Which is clearly correct, but when the builds vary in quality so much, you can't really pretend this time trial is the final build.

Sure for today, you can pretend it is. But I want you to bookmark this for when the final comparisons are done, and then you use the excuse of "buh buh it should look better because it took so long!", yet.. that excuse falls flat for all 360 5-year projects.

FamilyGuy3139d ago

What's you guys best times in this time trail? I'm really out of the racing scene and could only manage a 2:02 FamilyGai

The graphics obviously aren't representative of the final build, how is that even an argument here? This time trial is all about the physics and if you're having a hard time getting use to them it's probably because "some" arcade racer got you soft. If you keep "spinning out" here's two tips, STAY ON THE FRIGGIN PAVEMENT! and SLOW DOWN AT SHARP TURNS!

GrandDragon3139d ago

Such a silly misinformed "gamer".

How can you still spout that same old regurgitated rubbish about GT5 having poor physics when this latest Demo has absolutely amazing physics?!!

I have played both games and by far the better of the two is GT5 (the latest demo).

This Demo is not representative of the final build in terms of damage and graphics (environments) and maybe other things. It was never suppose to meet any expectations so to compare the two is meaningless. And besides the interior for GT5 still looks way better than Forza 3

Oner3139d ago

@ sgaap #1.36

"GT5 has 2D trees!!
I hope they fix it in the real game.."

So does Forza 3 ~

Your point? Either way that does not affect GAMEPLAY or PHYSICS for both.

BrownPowerzz3139d ago

I could not AGREE more after playing the game for 5 minutes. Someone talked about how sterile Forza 3 felt, but GT5 really takes the cake (or two)!! No buy for me thanks, I'm sticking to Forza!!!

lowcarb3139d ago

The only thing that really shines over forza is lighting but then again it's to much. I was blown away by the earlier footage of gt5 but now see that Forza 3 is in many ways looking much better minus the car models. I'm sure the final game will look better but with so much development time all this it looks much better than Forza3 talk is plain wrong.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

any body really looking at this sh!t., obviously not.


if you're going to make a real comparison, at least use similar angles and racing tracks like these guys did.

lolz, everybody's going in the opposite direction with their stupid little comparisons, they're just aiming to show forza3 looking bad.

Nikuma3139d ago

I don't know why 360 fanboys are defending Forza3 so much...none of them bought the game.

NewZealander3139d ago

both games look damn good, i cant say one looks better then the other based on those pics, some things like grass look better in forza, but lighting looks better in GT, if you like racing sims im sure you would be more then happy with either game.

Saaking3139d ago

Kaz actually races in real life, so I'll take his word over Greenawalt's any day. GT5 is miles ahead of Forza 3 in every way possible. Sorry, but that's the truth.

cyberwaffles3139d ago

it's not a demo of GT5 for crying out loud, it's GT academy. it's completely different.

ChickeyCantor3139d ago

" is NOT A DEMO of GT5, but rather a showcase of the new physics engine + contest. "

Seriously guys, I do not even speak English natively.

N4BmpS3139d ago

In Forza III the textures do look more realistic. GT's grass reminds of the olden days when I played GT/2,that's not a bad thing. But there is more to GT5 than just realism, I must say the driver pit view in GT5 intrigues me just a tad bit more.I'll see if I'll want it when it comes out.

lowcarb3139d ago

GT5 is in my opinion overratted in the visuals department. It seems as in all big PS3 titles they mask there weaknesses with lighting and subtle effects. KZ2 and now this game are not as impressive as we were led to believe. Forza 3 for being T-10 third title made in such short time looks amazing. I honestly expected so much more from GT5 and have a feeling the final version just wont cut it as originally hyped.

Traveler3138d ago

Well, obviously we need to wait until the full game is released before we can do any proper comparisons, but I have to say between this demo and Forza 3 I think Forza 3 looks better. Their lighting and car models look pretty comparable, but Forza 3 has better textures and environmental detail.

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crazy17043139d ago

wtf is wrong with the textures in GT5??

The grass looks ridiculously flat ...

dangert123139d ago

worked alot more on the car then its surroundings

anh_duong3139d ago

you do know that forza is being compared to a 220mb stripped down demo?? 220mb is not a lot of space...

ryuzu3139d ago

This new Time Trial thing has worse texturing than GT5P so I guess they stripped stuff out to keep it to 220Mb for download.

However, in my first blast around the circuit (with pad - will hook up the G25 later) the physics and handling did feel different and I'd say better.

But with a pad its difficult to say anything conclusive.


facelike3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Isn't that what the freshly mowed grass looks like at these racetracks?

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dangert123139d ago

GT5 Has more attention to detail and im going to say slighty better graphics because them forza pics have been tamperd with i have the game it looks better then that

stonecold13139d ago

forza look more of an arcade racer like need for speed and gt5 graphics are drawdropping day 1 come march

dangert123139d ago

and if anything its not how the game looks but how the game plays that makes it arcade as long as the cars designs are based on real and concept cars.are you trying to say all past GT Games are arcade games cause they don't LOOK as good as forza stop being ignerant

Kurt Russell3139d ago

What a waste of time comparing graphics of games. I have played Forza 3 - it is fantastic fun, yet to play GT but I have a feeling it will be also fantastic fun. Only nerd give a toss about the grass texture... in 5 years all of this will be bargain bin crap just like the obsolete games of last generation.

Arnon3139d ago

How can a game "look" like an arcade racer? Unless everything about it is completely surreal, which is not the case with Forza.

DevastationEve3139d ago

That's good...GT 5 can BE a driving simulator, for the rest of the RACING GAME fans out there Forza 3 can't be topped.

The definitive RACING game of this gen.