8.0 Review: Pixel Junk Shooter writes:-

A review.

The guys and gals over at Q games have earnt themselves a great reputation for off beat downloadable titles that offer great gameplay as well as unique visuals. Pixel Junk Shooter does not disappoint on this front at all. Pixel Junk Shooter was named by the community via a competition on the Q Games forums. A snappy title indeed but it does not do justice to the actual game in hand. Sure there is plenty of shooting involved but it is used as a mechanic to solve the intricate natural puzzles of the caverns. I shall elaborate further later on but for now let us deal with the scant scant story behind the game. You have been sent on a mission to find out what has happened to a group of colonists sent to a far flung planet. On receiving the SOS signal from the planet you head down to see what is going on. You discover the scientists all stranded and in need of immediate rescue from caverns of fire and water. You set about rescuing said individuals (Who all signed a waiver no doubt and were happy to get the pay until the thing went south – feck them I say, their on their own but I digress). And that is pretty much the story.

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