All Aboard The Censorship (part two)

Critical Gamer Writes: So we now see, after reading part one, that interactivity being used as a justification for the study concentrating on games falls apart on close examination of the study itself. Which begs the question: why did TRIAL and Pro Juventute choose to concentrate on games? One possibility, is that these organisations – previously almost unheard of outside of their native Switzerland – wanted more visibility on the international stage. As certain politicians and bland daytime TV 'celebrities' know well, video games remain an easy populist target for criticism (though much less than they were ten years ago). But there is another, wholly more admirable possibility, suggested by another paragraph from the introduction:

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unknown_gamer3081d ago

Part one was awesome, been looking forward too part two all week

scruffy_bear3081d ago

I just can't believe what TRIAL and Pro Juventute have said in there report

Darkstorn3080d ago

The Swiss People's Party is the problem. They're the same far-right party that recently banned the construction of minarets in Switzerland, and now they're after video games. Makes me sick.

SaiyanFury3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

@ Darkstorn

Again you cite it that a right-wing party is to blame for censorship. To my knowledge it has always been that it's the far left that wants censorship and control. Hitler's ultra-nationalist National Socialist Party were the regime that were so hell-bent on control of everything, including the media. Right wing people want freedom from oppression, they don't seek to impose it. If you want more proof that a left-wing socialist party seeks to impose control, look to Venezuela and it's wonderful "freedoms". Imposing government control is ultimately defeatist when it comes to freedom of expression. Down there if you disagree with the government, be prepared to die. In our right-wing country that is the US, at least you can feel free to express yourself with a different opinion without fear of death. In this great country of freedom, at least you can express your opinion that is open to debate. Not so in a socialist country, where everyone is the same. Hugo Chavez has stated repeatedly, that people are all the same. Equal pay for equal work. Sounds pretty Marxist to me.

Jockie3081d ago

The last couple of paragraphs got me thinking about where the lines for censorship should be drawn and reminded me of the furore over Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

On paper it sounds like a cynical glamourisation of a horrific event designed to cause offence and controversy (and thereby boost media coverage). But it actually turned out to be quite subtle and well drawn, sparking debate and opening a dialogue over the events that occured in Columbine.

It's not quite as bad as the examples given in the article towards the end, but it comes pretty close to the boundaries.

unknown_gamer3081d ago

Yeah censorship in video games needs to be look at again

Cubes3081d ago

Unfortunately censorship is only going to get worse as graphics become photoreal.

scruffy_bear3081d ago

That's through, a photorealism GTA will have the Daily Mail going mad and calling for it to be ban.

Proxy3080d ago

But I've seen some very disturbing things that aren't graphic intensive. It's not a matter of graphics.

iceman063080d ago

but as AI advances and devs create more real-life situations...there is going to be a lot of controversy. However, these are the growing pains of a "new" avenue of entertainment. It happened with music and movies, so it was bound to happen to gaming (because of it's immense popularity). The only thing to do is to educate the masses on gaming culture and continue to push the boundaries (not necessarily like what was mentioned in the article)so that REAL dialogue can be had. On another note, I wouldn't doubt if rival media don't have a horse in the race as well. Video gaming has become one of the most lucrative industries in recent years. It is taking from TV and Movies hand over foot. I'm sure there are some unscrupulous CEO's that wouldn't mind a couple of black eyes being applied to gaming. (not a conspiracy theory...just a thought)

Jim Crikey3080d ago

Censorship will become more lax, not more strict; we can already see it happening in the UK, and hopefully Australia should follow soon.

Caspel3080d ago

this article is lame.