Dyack: Cloud gaming platform spells "win" for all, fixes piracy issue

Silicon Knight's Denis Dyack is a huge fanboy for Cloud gaming, saying how it could sweep away all the woe our industry faces today.

He speaks of piracy, used game sales and new consumers getting confused by all the hardware. Cloud "helps on so many levels".

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hatchimatchi3200d ago

I don't expect cloud to win people over, and the fact that dyack is saying this means nothing to me and probably almost everyone else.

Also, who pirates silicon knight games? They've made 7 games in their 17 years as a company. Their last good game being 'Eternal Darkness' which came out in 2002.

TOO PAWNED3200d ago

It is "WIN" for his a.. not for us for sure. This guy when ever he speaks about what is good for industry, he actually talks about what is good for his greedy a22!

If this independent one platform future with cloud gaming becomes reality, than he won't have to play % to anyone, only for internet bandwidth, but i guess he won't be the one paying that either, somehow he will include that into price that WE will pay.

Nihilism3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )


Cloud gaming = standard for graphics set by the service eg, they don't want to stream gigs of textures, so they will likely put a size limit. You pay for the service and at the end of you day, you are stuck with paying because if you don't keep paying, you don't own any hardware or games, aka a terrible monopoly that is not good for anyone.

This guy sounds like more of a douche bag the more I hear of him, the minute gaming goes 'cloud' i'm throwing in the towel.

Developers would making 'cloud exclusive' games to lure people in, and like an mmo you will be stick paying a fee if you ever want to play it again. Cloud gaming is as sensible as renting tv's and furniture etc, when you stop paying, you don't own jack.

Denis Dyack you are a tool, have fun with cloud gaming, i'll let you know in advance I won't buy your sh!t, I like being in control of what hardware I use and how I use it thankyou very much.


Just another industry douche trying to justify harsh measures to 'stop pirates' that affect the legit customer far more, Denis 12 months ago "DRM, a win for everyone"....pirates always find a way, the only people it hurts are the real customers. Physical media FTW

Microsoft Xbox 3603200d ago

Dyack is the last dev on earth I'll listen to.

Christopher3200d ago

Doubtful this is a win for piracy. Most people who pirate aren't going to use cloud services. Heck, most people who play PC games aren't going to use it. Why? Because of the loss of availability of all games on the cloud service as soon as you stop paying the monthly fee, which is in addition to the cost of buying games at the digital price, which tends to stay very high for much longer than brick & mortar prices.

Mr_Bun3200d ago

You know, if Dennis would spend as much time working on his games as he does running his mouth, he might actually produce something in less than 10 years

darkmurder3200d ago

Because everyone wants to pirate Too Human....

sikbeta3200d ago

Cloud gaming is a JOKE as cloud computing is

DeadlyFire3200d ago

It will just be like another console platform really. I don't it will change much of the landscape. Developers are going to push for more cloud gaming type applications though since they can avoid piracy 100%.

Bad thing for PC gamers is that there will be no game mods or game SDK on cloud service. Honestly though those PC games are smaller in number than before and probably would still be released as typical format anyway.

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koehler833200d ago

I'm sure fairy dust and hocus pocus is the solution in Neverland. Not in the real world, I'm afraid.

Nihilism3200d ago

What do you mean it's for the benefit of all! /sarcasm

Surely the same people who run electrical appliance rental places/market credit cards to minimum wage earners are the ones behind this scheme, "I know, we'll give them the illusion of convenience/value by telling them it costs X amount per month, then side track them before they realise that over a year it costs as much as buying the games to keep, and if they ask any questions about what happens when they stop paying....we'll offer them a 10% off coupon to distract them again, happy cloud gaming everyone"

Ingram3200d ago

What a baroque name for such an average studio.

Give it up already're the Eric Cartman of videogaming.

Baka-akaB3200d ago

Why is dyack the new "hype dev" to interview again ?

They made one hit Eternal Darkness , ok great , but since ? Not so much to run your mouth proudly about .

Ingram3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

(...)"If a grandmother goes into a store and wants a specific game for her grandson, she has to figure out the console, the ratings system, and all these barriers that have been artificially created."

Yes, the problem with that is the existence of seasonal shovelware, and you gave birth to a recent example there with Too Human.

Stop blaming piracy for you low figures, strong games get paid here, there's virtually 0% piracy on PS3 for example, get a grip on reality.

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