The Graphical Most Impressive Games of 2009

Videogameszone has chosen it's five graphical most impressive video games of 2009. Are you surprised about number one?

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Nathan Drake23198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

no killzone 2 but there is cod?this must be a big joke.

conclusion:avoid videogameszone for good.

ico923198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

mabey they didnt want the fanboys to cry about it being unfair that 2 of the top 5 best looking games of 09 were ps3 exclusives

but anyway i agree with uncharted 2 the game looks phenomenal especily the chapter on train it looks like an action movie, kinda reminds me of that John Woo movie "Broken Arrow"

Guido3198d ago

To have Forza 3 and Modern Warfare 2 on there and not Killzone 2 is complete failure. Sorry, but to ignore KZ2 is simply stupid.

MURKERR3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

and to compile a list of multiplats just to appear neutral and not upset fanboys is truly a fail. 'fearful & untruthful' sites like this cant do this for much longer as the gulf in graphical splendor is only going to widen what with gow,last guardian and heavy rain

reintype3198d ago

It's truly a sad state of gaming we have now, if journalists offers the "Compromised Fact", to soothe every ruffled feathers out there, and keep the illusion of peace, in the expense of simple honesty.

I'd rather have the unvarnished truth, layed before me in all its painful glory, rather than the pitiful delusions designed to placate everybody.

For them to not include Killzone 2, makes a mockery of their integrity as well as their credibility.

Bathyj3198d ago

I never argue with a 7ft immortal. You're dead right Lo Pan.

No one ever tried to be neutral so PS3 fans wouldnt get upset. In fact they took every little fault they could find and exageratted them. If you say something bad about XB, big bad Billmight buy your house and kick you out.

Guido3198d ago

The media is still upset about receiving a black eye for bashing Killzone 2 for years based upon a target render. The end result was the media was served a huge plate of crow for their words against the game since upon release it was lauded the most graphically impressive game that made strides in game play and story. Now it is their time to toss a few punches and to be honest, all their efforts are simply showing their bias still exists and makes them look absolutely stupid.

callahan093198d ago

Obviously the industry seems to have forgotten Killzone 2 exists. I guess that's the perils of releasing in Q1. Nobody remembers you at the end of the year. It's unfortunate. Killzone 2 definitely deserved a nod in the top 5 best graphics.

MURKERR3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

the media bashed kz2 target footage yet were embarrassed when the game actually surpassed the footage in some areas, we see NO ingame footage of halo reach just a trailer and the media are salivating like a homeless man at an 'all you can eat buffet'

when will this ridiculousness end?

Raf1k13198d ago

It doesn't matter if some people think it's unfair.
If it's a list of all the best games rated by their graphics then that's what it should be. By trying to make it "fair" it's actually not fair since it's going against what the title implies and it's not fair on the games that deserve to be in the list.

sikbeta3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

MW2, HAHAHAHAHA... good joke

gaffyh3198d ago

Modern Warfare 2 is not graphically impressive, the only people who say this are those that haven't played Killzone 2. I mean even the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta looks better than MW2 (Seriously!). The only reason MW2 get's recognition is gameplay, but graphically it is very similar to MW1.

raztad3198d ago

No to have KZ2 in that list slightly second to UC2 is beyond ridiculous, and renders that list and the website to HUGE FAIL status.

I didnt know the hatred against a game could go this far. Visuals is not a matter of opinion.

3198d ago
badz1493197d ago

MW2? the 600p game which looks not too distantly better than CoD4? that one? Batman AA? come on, I know it's one of the best game this year but graphically top 5?

KZ2 graphics is regarded as among the best that have been seen on console and still is, yet it's not there on top 5? yeah, that makes sense! /s

if you just wanna play safe and make it 'looks' fair, better off not make any list at all!

Strikepackage Bravo3197d ago

I think alot of gamesites regret rating KZ2 as high as they did, this is why it is being treated like its forgotten. Many sites over rated the FPS with poor controls and cheating graphics only to have MW2 come out later and top it in every way. They want us to forget the little slip in integrity they had when they overrated KZ2 for hits and to satisfy over aggressive PS3 fanboys.

ABizzel13197d ago

Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 are the 2 most graphically impressive games for 2009 in whichever order you prefer. Don't give them the time of day by viewing their site, and let their ignorance be their own downfall.

himdeel3197d ago

...this list is disgusting. I wonder what the criteria of choosing the games were and if ignoring the entire year, only including games released in the fall, was a requirement of it's composition.

TheDeadMetalhead3197d ago

Modern Warfare 2 seriously looks like a Wii game. :/

himdeel3197d ago

...but I do get the point you're trying to make.

Guido3197d ago

"I think alot of gamesites regret rating KZ2 as high as they did, this is why it is being treated like its forgotten. Many sites over rated the FPS with poor controls and cheating graphics only to have MW2 come out later and top it in every way. They want us to forget the little slip in integrity they had when they overrated KZ2 for hits and to satisfy over aggressive PS3 fanboys. "

Cheating graphics? Really? Sorry, but this guys quote = the stupidest thing said today. Get your failsauce ready 'cause your plate of idiocy is ready for delivery.

rucky3197d ago

Here's the bottom line. Graphics-wise no other console game can touch UC2 and Killzone 2. If you still can't see it, it's time to upgrade that SDTV.

marinelife93197d ago

Any list with Killzone 2 is not legitimate.

1. Uncharted 2
1a. Killzone 2
3. MLB 09 the Show
4. Resident Evil 5
5. Fight Night Round 4

ape0073197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

1-uncharted 2 among thieves,the game is on another new level,the art style,the detailes,the character models,the colors,the lightning,the animations,the depth of field,details details,it's the most beautiful game my eyes have ever seen and framerates stays constant at 30fps

2-killzone 2,it feels like a high end pc graphics,things look out of this world,enemy models are the best ever,the red lights on them are scary,awesome explosions and fuking great volumetric smoke effects,huge detailed environments,framerates suffers sometimes

3-call of duty:modern warfare 2,if you simply go through the campaign,gfx are awesome,animations are awesome,environments are huge,lots of things on screen,great lightning,shadows,particle effects,smoke effects also it's more varied and colorful than cod 4 and it runs at blazing 60 fps,this an achievement for a multiplatform game in my book,xbox 360 looks a bit better,better colors,lightning\bloom effect and maintains a bit framerate in hated battles

4-resident evil 5,one of the best looking games of 2009 without a doubt,the art style is amazing,characters look awesome,textures\detailes are amazing,detailes that gonna make your head explode,also great variety and colors,bloody sick looking game,rock solid game,xbox 360 is the version to get,played ps3 version and tbh,it has worse textures and framerate,believe me,no fanboyism at all

5-assassin's creed 2,played little of it,the environments are pretty damn awesome

6-forza 3,great car details and great environments also runs at 60 fps,the game is peaceful and colorful just beautiful

mal_tez923197d ago

Also inFamous looks a bit better than AC2

zeeshan3197d ago

1 - Graphics
2 - Best of 2009
3 - Best FPS of 2009

If the above words are in one sentence and there is no mentioning of Killzone 2, that article is an epic fail regardless the author.

Bathyj3197d ago

@ marinelife9

Thats good list. Can't really argue with that.

nycredude3197d ago


There you go again with you off topic hating. can you ever stay on topic? Say what you will about Killzone 2. Bad story, bad controls, blah blah blah, but you can NEVER bash it for graphics. Seriously it is NEXT gen compare to all other games out on consoles (IMO uncharted 2 included tech wise) and beats most PC games. Just be real for ONCE.

ape0073197d ago

for mw2 here in N4G

fanboys,I understand you fanboys

90% here are sony fanboys

it's easy and understandable why

"STOP PS3 SUPPORT" claims by activision is the reason

you guys need some treatment

emotional force is stronger than reality eh?

lovestospoodge3197d ago

a dutch site forgot killzone 2? THIS IS OUTRAGE

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Chucky20033198d ago

lol,MW2 its not even worth to mention

Bathyj3198d ago

What everyone else said.

bujasem_893198d ago

what a stupid fanboy article xD imean seriously AC2 , now dont get me wrong the Game is Amazing but were talkin graphics ill agree with forza ,batman and Uncharted 2 , but u can shove MW2 , and AC2 up ur A** ''Graphically'' and to actually ignore kill zone 2 lol xD im done here

Lord_Ranos3198d ago

LMAO. Forza graphics are sh1t.

talltony3197d ago

1. Uncharted 2
2. killzone 2
3. ratchet and clank a crack in time
4. Forza 3
5. Batman AA

crazyturkey3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

U2.........No doubt
Batman.....Pass... good graphics
Forza 3......Pass.... good graphics (not GT5 graphics awesomeness, but good)
AC....for a sandboxgame.........Pass... good graphics
CoD MW2.............haha looks like someone needs glasses. (here is where most of the fail is)

I think that RE5, R&C and Killzone 2 should have been there.