Game-Debate: Avatar The Game Review

Game-Debate writes: "It's hard to believe that James Cameron's last film was the three-hour drudgefest Titanic, released way back in 1998. Not that the guy's spent the last decade drinking cups of tea and watching Jeremy Kyle repeats. He's actually been hard at work on his latest motion picture film project, Avatar, which is reportedly the most expensive film ever made (like T2 before it) with an eye-watering budget of $237 million. The movie enjoyed a massive world première last week in London and was promptly swept away in a hype-storm of epic proportions. Meanwhile, Avatar: The Game, its less popular sibling, pretty much tiptoed into stores, quietly cleared its throat and waited for someone to actually notice."

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gidzilla3202d ago

I saw this game in action, in 3D at eurogamer expo. It was pretty neat.

Weird that the game has come out before the film!