World's Most Litigious Gamer Creates Website

Erik Estavillo, notorious for suing Micrsoft, Sony and countless others for his video game woes, has created his own website to communicate with the public.

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xLordOblivionx3076d ago

No one go to his site, filled with ads and bullshit. He's just trying to make money off of some recent spotlight.

Somnipotent3076d ago

douchebag... there fixed.

OtherWhiteMeat3076d ago

Better watch what you say........I smell a lawsuit.

Setekh3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

People like this embody everything that is wrong with society today.
Instead of earning their pay, more and more people are taking the easy route of suing for even the smallest of things. It's utterly pathetic and I think it's about time laws were passed to put an end to this 'suing culture' that's so prevalent today.

As xLordOblivionx said, don't visit the site, you're only playing right into the hands of this publicity parasite.

kneon3076d ago

It doesn't deter you from launching stupid law suits because the consequences of losing are too insignificant. In much of the word the loser pays. So if I sue Sony and it turns out to be completely bogus, I not only have to pay my legal fees but theirs as well.

lve2playbball3076d ago

I'm a first year law student, not that that makes any difference, and the US legal system is OK at eliminating frivolous lawsuits. If the court sees the case as "bogus," as Kneon said, it will dismiss the case, and the plaintiff will have to pay fees for both sides. The real problem is with attorneys...this dude actually found somebody to sue on some bullshit, the attorney is a moron and this dude is out for a quick buck.

Akagi3076d ago

Don't say anything, he might sue you!

KaL_D3076d ago

Has to pay his lawyers somehow right? might as well be ad banners :)

TheDudeAbides3076d ago

now that's just unbelievable

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