PSN Store Update - EU -17/12/09

Good morning – the store will be updated nice and early today, so I'm still a little bleary eyed

Our batch of special offers for the festive period begins today, but we'll also be adding a few more titles next week too. From today though, you'll be able to grab games such as Burn Zombie Burn!, Bomberman Ultra and Battlefield 1943 at lower prices.

Also following the firmware update last week, minis now join the fun on PS3, so you can now enjoy the majority of our minis on both formats.

Next week we're updating the store on Tuesday the 22nd of December, and then that's it for the holidays – normal service will resume from Thursday the 7th of January.

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chewmandinga3164d ago

although i can't wait for GT5, i'm not too psyched for the demo.

kinda hoping for braid, the oddworld ps1 games or even resi 2 for Europe. oh well. maybe next year!

thereapersson3164d ago

I thought that Sony had already released Oddworld and Exoddus on the PSN store?

chewmandinga3164d ago

just in America. We got the little mermaid to occupy us in the meantime.

Cyrax_873164d ago

does this mean Aus gets the demo too?

starvinbull3164d ago

Anyone know which minis actually do work on the PS3.

Skip_Bayless3164d ago

I think my TV is messed up because GT5 don't look anything special. It looks super clean. I can't see very fine details. Dammit I thought I was going to be suprised.

chewmandinga3164d ago

I stand corrected, Braid's out!

Apocwhen3164d ago

Don't forget we have Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan too.

thereapersson3164d ago

That "Demo" is just an in-development version of the game with most other stuff set to "barebones" except for the physics". That is the point of the game -- to see who can achieve the best time. It's why the "demo" is only around 220 MB.

Skip_Bayless3164d ago

Oh i see they should have said that so that people don't get the wrong impression. Cause I consider myself the hardcore of the hardcore and I didn't even know that.

Skip_Bayless3164d ago

I had a feeling the Army of Two demo wouldn't work online. When you join public match the PS3 locks up.

3164d ago
gaffyh3164d ago

A pretty huge update this week, about 40 pieces of new content. Played the GT5 demo, and physics do seem a lot better than GT5P. There is also a definite sense of speed, which you sometimes wouldn't feel in GT5P.

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Admiral_Benson3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

No AVP: Predator Trailer? Fail


That is a pretty huge update with some good stuff in there. Slightly odd that it only lists the Alien and Marine trailers for AVP though, Predator would be awesome (keeping my fingers crossed AVP turns ouit as good as it looks!).

@Chewmandinga - Don't know if it helps but if you set up a US PSN account and also set up a Wirecard account online(basically an online prepay credit card account. You just top it up with however much you need from your regular account;, it's all safe a legit, kind of like a paypal account). I use it for all my purchases on the US, Jap and Hong Kong PSN stores as i live in the UK and it works a treat. The Oddworld games are awesome so hopefully this might help you get your hands on them!

chewmandinga3164d ago

if there's no news by january of localization i may just do that. plus i have to wait till i get payed, can't even afford pixeljunk shooter right now!

Admiral_Benson3164d ago

I know the feeling, this time of year is a killer when it comes to games. So much stuff i want but just don't have the funds!

Takes a little bit of extra messing about to transfer your funds around this way but well worth it if theres a game you really want and can't wait.

Fingers crossed they arrive on the UK store soon though, love the Oddworld series. Just wish they'd somehow revive the series for the current gen!

eddispider3164d ago

After testing this game in 1080i i can confirm that the game tears when the ghost car is visible. This is looking dim for the final release. Sony should had put at least 4 cell in the ps3.

poopsack3164d ago

"This is looking dim for the final release"

misinformed FTW!

Automat3164d ago

lol who cares about your 1080i..? this is a physics time trial. never mind the gfx!

RH063164d ago

Thats why most if not all your games that run a certain fps will tear, because it's interlaced...

eddispider3164d ago

After testing the game more there is no damage,no marks in grass when you spin. Even the game thugs now and then(a little chug now and then). I turned down to 720p and the tearing is UGLY! Forza 3 ran steady 60fps, to bad forza 3 was so boring.

Automat3164d ago

why would you want damage in a 219mb time trial? because crashing makes you go faster or something?

bjornbear3164d ago

inform yourself.

Its a physics demo / time trial competition for Nissan

It has NOTHING ELSE to do with the final product _ its just a physics engine and some basic coating to make it barable on the eyes.

ger1013164d ago

Oh hell yes! Downloading the MGS demo now!