Dyack: Natal won't help create better content

Silicon Knights CEO Denis Dyack has hinted that it's unlikely his studio will use Microsoft's upcoming motion-sensing technology Natal in future projects, revealing that he "doesn't see how Natal is going to help me tell a better story or create better content".

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thereapersson3134d ago

Even though he was also responsible for Too Human...

RememberThe3573133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Franky at the end of it, I wanted it to keep going. An RPG thats 10 hrs long? WTF? PLus, the stick combat was just weird.

But Natal doesn't give devs a better way to to tell stories, just a different way. I'm not one who has a ton of faith in Natal, but I have to admit that I love the idea. I just don't think it's going to be used right very often. Shoot devs still don't know what kind of games to make for the PSP.

Guido3133d ago

It is tough to agree the guy who made Too Human. Sorry, but that would be like puting my trust back in Free Radical after that turd of a game, Haze.

mastiffchild3133d ago

Well, I think he's stating the obvious to be honest but you're being WAY too hard on Free Radical imo. The politics and pulled middleware were the killers of Haze and not the in house talent forced to implement everything from a move to PS3 exclusivity and a last minute switch to their own rushed physics and GFX engines. Better prepared teams struggled badly with their forst PS3 titles and don't get the avuse FRD do for Haze-when , imho, the only things you can totally blame them for are the godawful script and the voice acting being equally hammy. Seriously, there's little comparison between the situations surrounding TH and Haze.

That said Dyack's right enough here as new tech rarely ushers in a great new wave of creativity does it? For Natal to do so would be amazing, frankly, when the more trad Wii controls are ogten as not used very poorly by developers and virtually never resulted in new, creative directions but we'll see-maybe bth Sony(with their powerful 1st party muscle working on "gem")or MS (with the Natal kits being at Lionhead and even 3rd [parties for a while now)WILL manage to eek out truly new ways of creating both content and gameplay but as DD says, it's not the nost likely outcome. Not right off the bat anyway.

callahan093133d ago

I thought Too Human was awesome. Not sure why everyone hated that game so much. I know I'm in the minority on it, though. The only thing that sucked about it was that stupid unskippable valkyrie animation when you die. That was just poor design. But when you weren't waiting to re-spawn, I thought the game was tons of fun.

leyego3133d ago

common please...

with or without natal dyack would still make a turd. its just wrapped in a different interface.

maybe this time he will map the left foot to attacking and the right foot to moving.

Perjoss3133d ago

agreed, regardless of who he is or what he has produced in the past, Dyack makes a very good point. Even if Natal becomes the best control method in the universe it will be all wasted if the games made for it are rubbish or too few. But like that guy in the film says "if you build it, they will come" (yeah i know, its a misquote, but a very well known one).

sikbeta3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Too Human sucks but he's right, xbox owners can say natal is teh coolezt, we'll discuss abut that again when those crappy games ala wii shovelware come out

3133d ago
IaMs123133d ago

He is right, but depends on from the perspective you look at it. I mean same with the PS3 motion inside the dual shock. Can be great if implemented right. This goes for EVERYTHING in the world. Imagine the IF's. By looking at them, you can learn alot, even though they may not be real, you can still learn and maybe even strive for it to be better one day.

Also this could be just another stepping stone. Like the PS had the Eyetoy MS has taken it to another level to maybe help it along. It may do better this time, then another company could take it farther one day making it better. Who would of thought half of us would have big screen TVs in our homes if no one persued it. Its great thing they are doing, just dont screw yourself over MS.

Sarcasm3133d ago

Now that Dyack says Natal won't make games better, It probably will since he lives in reverse world which is two blocks away from Michael Pachter.

Then a few more blocks away up to douche ave. there's Greenberg and Danawalt.

rockleex3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

But will those games be the kind us "hardcore gamers" want to play? This is a serious question.

I'd imagine we would rather play an FPS with a very accurate and responsive motion controller in HD instead.

It should be quite easy to implement Sony's motion controller onto existing video game genres from what we've seen of it.

This is why I support Sony's motion controller. So I can play all my favorite PS series with an accurate and precise motion controller, in 3D and HD.

BlackTar1873133d ago

I really liked Too Human yes there were ruff spots etc etc etc. but i had a lot of fun playing coop and like stated above when it was over i was like BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i want more. so i will hold out for part 2 if it ever gets released. Im old school i dont need flashy great graphics i can deal with some hiccups hell thats how all games used to be hiccup wise. Im not really on topic just wanted to show my love for the game and i will admit tried playing single player and couldnt do it hated the game its all about coop baby and i loved it.

Game on people sorry for being semi well maybe 75% off topic

Game on dont be so negative. natal doesnt interest me for games but the idea is a step in the right direction.

ShadowCK3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Funny how the Playstation Fanboys here think he's making a point. You can hate Project Natal as much as you want, but it's going to be a huge success no matter what.

Project Natal will attract more people to the Xbox 360 console thanks to it's user freindly system and Microsoft is going to treat it like the launch of a new console. This means that not only will there be a lot of fanfare and media coverage before it's released (just like the Wii), but also they're devoted to actually having games that work with the peripheral instead of just blindly releasing it and having everybody forget about it.

Hell, Even Hideo-kojima thinks it's going to be great.

darkmurder3119d ago

What and Silicon Knights will?

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Action GO FIGURE3134d ago

Bu bu bu bu teh hypez?!?!1one!

Arnon3133d ago

Does everyone on this website have a stuttering problem?

Tesselation 3603133d ago

they just like to mimic their fony hardware.

Aquarius3133d ago

PS3 fans are known to conjure up sensible conversations and conduct themselves in reasonable arguments.

"Bu bu bu bu" was invented by BOTS and are normally used when they have nothing left to say in an argument. You can clearly see that they are very foolish, two-faced people. A bunch of liars infact.

"Action GO FIGURE" is merely mocking a typical 360 fanboy.

spinbot_lv13133d ago

I agree with you.PM 4 you ;)

shutupandplay3133d ago

Actually aquarious, Bu Bu But dates back to when the ps3 still sucked [email protected] Anti-ps3 news ran rampant and the most popular comment on N4G was "Bu bu but teh Cell!!!11!"

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creepjack3133d ago

Hey Dyack, instead of making making ridiculously obvious comments like this, how about making that sequel to Too Human you promised us? Yeah, I was one of the few that actually LOVED that game, and I was one of the people that would defend him, but now he is pissing me off. He refuses to give a straight answer on anything Too Human related, be it DLC or a sequal. For God sakes, there is an in game store feature that has never even been utilized yet.

Mr_Bun3133d ago

Don't hold your breath for TH2...I would also love a sequel (I put over 80hrs into the first one, mainly co-op).

The game wasn't well received at all. He had his first layoff not long after the game's release, then he just laid off another group back in August (My best friend was one of them).

SK is the only known company that couldn't handle the Unreal Engine and is suing Epic because they couldn't figure it out....SK are also being counter-sued for reworking some of the code to make their own engine.

Bottom line is that Dyack is scrambling right now.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

He probably doesn't know the status of Too Human 2 with 100% certainty.

It is well known that Microsoft was/is not happy with the sales of the first game, and that 2 and 3 are in doubt because of that.

I loved the first game, but feel that Dyack's inability to keep his mouth shut doomed the game (and the trilogy) from the start.

creepjack3133d ago


Yeah, I know. I used to hang out on, a place where Dyack actually hangs out as well sometimes, and we could never get a straight answer out of him. That pretty much told me everything I needed to know. I guess I'm just hoping that if I complain enough, Ill get something, but deep down I know better.

Mr_Bun3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I hear ya....I'm still hopeful too, but it's not a risk that most people will take...Dyack had a hard time finding someone interested in Too Human...that's part of the reason it has taken so long to get released....the actual concept was started 15 years ago...not 10 like most people think!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3133d ago

I hope so, too.

Too Human was one of my top games of all time, and I will buy Too Human 2 on day one if it gets released.

lowcarb3133d ago

I loved Too Human myself and hope that if there is a part two they drastically improve the visuals and end those forever lasting death scenes.

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2FootYard3133d ago

He said something true this time.

Mista T3133d ago

It will only limit because there's only a few things you can do waiving your arms around

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