Final Fantasy XIII Rated "T" For Violent Content And Side Boobage Final Fantasy XIII is rated "T" for teen. No surprise there, but why did it get that rating? The ESRB has an amusing, slightly spoilerfic explanation.

Here's how Final Fantasy XIII earned its mild language, suggestive themes, and violence content descriptors.

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shadowlink253017d ago

woot for side boobage, lol really

Guido3017d ago

But sideboob will do. As for the rating, did anybody expect any different? The FF games have been getting more and more mature so it seems as the fans grow older, so should the rating.

table3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

side-boob under-boob over-boob or round-boob, eveybody loves the boobage.

Guido3017d ago

I love boobs so I'll take 'em any way they come, as long as they don't come down to the chicks knees. I like my flap jacks served on a plate with syrup, not on a womans chest.

Tex1173017d ago

Backless Chaps?! You are Kidding?!!! OMG!

Wait...all chaps are backless. If not, they would be leather pants.

Good grief.

Somnipotent3017d ago

had assless chaps + thongs... the whole series has gone super erotica over the past few years. man i miss FFVII