New Last Rebellion Screenshots

Take a quick look on the battle system of Last Rebellion exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

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Chris3993163d ago

And they've touched up the visuals since it was first revealed. It looks quite passable in motion too.

There's a trailer on the Japanese store for people to check out. Been out for weeks.

mastiffchild3163d ago

Yep. Looking much more like it-and like you say much better when in motion inparticular. It's(2010)a much more promising year for the jrpgs and if we start getting some decent Agito and Vs info it could get better still for PSP/PS3 after it took so long for the PS3 to get anything at all!

There's SO4 and, now the English cast are back in for the extra scenes, Tales coming over from the 360 in the west as well as the PS3 games like WKC, AT3, Atelier Rorona and the high possibility of a Persona or SMT being announced as well-with 360 and Wii also having a few games pencilled in it's gonna be a much more expensive year for those of us craving something to for with our FF13!

That's without thinking about all we've got coming, as per usual,on the handhelds-with maybe even The 3rd Birthday showing it's face on PSP. Seriously, if Demon's souls ever gets an EU release I mght well swoon at the breadth of choice avaiable next year(even if it does look like I'll have to ty to import it for a third time when I finally get my cash back from Paypal for the last rip off!)across all platforms. Good times, and on PS3, after some REALLY lean days-still upset that we aren't gonna see another VC on PS3 mind-but you can't have it all, can you!

Whatever, looks like a year of lots of games and very, very little cash-factor in all the other games you'l want and 2010 looks like a year where we'll all be forced to pick and choose a little as there's plainly no chance of getting through the games you quite like the look of let alone some of those you think just look interesting! So just the very best!

Back OT, this is looking much more l;ike the game we might have hope for and is defitely worth watching if it continues growing the way it has-lets just hope, eh?

Chris3993163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I also feel that the PSP has been a great system for JRPGs. And next year there's Agito, Last Ranker, Parasite Eve (Fvcking LOVE this series!!!), Antiphonia and a bunch of other titles in the genre coming out. Ushiro looks terrific, it's a horror RPG from Level 5 and given their history with Sony's devices, I'm pretty sure it will come to the West.

Next year really is the year of the JRPG. I'm astounded that for once this gen I can fill my library with only games of my primary predilection. But, yeah, the PSP has been a JRPG machine for a while now. And while it doesn't have as many JRPGs as say, the DS, it still has more than I can play and they seem to be of a higher caliber (I like my DS, but seriously the 3d on it is abysmal).

P.S. I'm not sure what city you live in, but do your importing via a local shop if possible. I've had one (my only, really) bad experience in importing a game and since have found a shop where I can order my Asia-pacific tiles with little hassle.