GOONL!NE: Advent Calendar for 2010: #10 - Final Fantasy XIII

Jonathan Cullen, GOONL!NE: "As you read this, practically all of Japan will be a third way through their first playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII.

Us Westerners, unless you want to import like myself, won't get our hands on the game until March 2010 in a US/EU sim-ship. The question that only remains is can Final Fantasy XIII turn out to be not just one of the best RPGs of next year, but the best of next year altogether?"

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GameGambits3202d ago

Can it be the best RPG of next year? Most certainly. The competition is by no means fierce. It is still pretty slim pickings in my opinion even for next year.

White Knight Chronicles
Resonance of Fate
Final Fantasy 13

Those are the big hitters we'll have next year. Some new ports like Star Ocean for PS3 and ToV on PS3, as well as the FFXIV MMORPG is due, but if we are purely talking JRPGs then those 3 are what the contest will be over...unless someone has a surprise game to announce for 4th quarter 2010.(Suikoden 6 or Legend of Dragoon 2 come oooon!)