I See Nothing But 'Win' In PS3's Future, 3D & Exclusives Leading The Way

GamesThirst: Lights, camera, action! It came on the scene in 2006 and the events that played out thereafter could be pulled directly from a story detailing the good fortunes of someone gone bad and eventually came right back to their former glory. I don't work at Sony, but when looking at what the company has in store for the PS3, including the endless possibilities of Blu-ray, the second to none exclusive lineup, PSN, Home, and stereoscopic 3D gaming, there's no other way to the visualize it in my mind. The PS3's future has 'win' written all over it. Let's take them one at a time...

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arakouftaian3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

but if only 60% come out in 2010 its still great
plus the multiplat. games that also look good.

God of War III
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo 5
Agent " maybe "
Killzone 3 "is this or r3"
Resistance 3 "is this or k3"
The Last Guardian "i hope so, GOTY"
White Knight Chronicles
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
ModNation Racers
Yakuza 3
inFamous 2 "maybe"
Syphon Filter "i don't think so"
Twisted Metal "maybe"

and plus you cna always import games like
yakuza 4
and few others.

Plus the motion control games
i hope once a year we get an amazing
hardcore game for it.

movements3202d ago

The Motion controller has great potential.

ico923202d ago

i doubt infamous 2 or KZ3 will come out next year i have a feeling the next syphon filter, twisted metal will be announced next year for e3

movements3202d ago

features, games and functionalities that will keep them up-to-speed and in the race for the long haul.

Nintendo Wii has created a market that many thought would never be interested in games.

Xbox 360 introduced and mastered online play, (although Sony is not lacking in that area with PSN either) and because of it have garnered respect as a strong player. Combined with the other offerings of Xbox 360, Microsoft is here to stay.

And Sony is in the best position out of the three. 3D set to make a big splash, Blu-ray keeping the PS3 far above its competitors, PSN growing by leaps and bounds, Home starting to take shape......

I see all the companies remaining in this business for the foreseeable future.

ico923202d ago

its great to see the competition build up because thats only gonna be great for gamers?

movements3202d ago

Yes it is great. Don't you think so? I mean If we only had one company dominating this gen there would be no incentive for said company to try hard.

If you boss always like you work (even if it's just average) and he never complains, you would not feel compel to change now would you? Of course not. But if he's always bickering, even to the point of threatening you about getting laid off.....then...... I could see you working harder than usual...

Same goes to companies in any field, Competition is good for us all... If not, you'd be paying $200 for your cell phone bill monthly.

movements3202d ago

I believe the fighting should be between the three companies; not gamers. Silly.