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GameGambits3137d ago

Honestly the track they picked leaves something to be desired in terms of visuals, but the cars look incredible. In First person especially the track really looks meh, but in third person it looks improved to my eyes.

Real blast to play this even without a wheel. :)

aaron58293137d ago

it's a 220mb demo... everything is compressed.

go check out the download size of Shift's demo..

sinncross3137d ago

That is because the visuals have been compressed to get the file size as low as possible.

The time trial is a competition and competitions work by getting as many people as possible to enter it. Compression had to take place to get the size down and make it more widely available . Likewise the trial only shows of the new physics engine which apparently is much improved over GT5P.

While your visuals comment is by no means being disputed, the point of the time trial was never visuals but rather gameplay.

I say we'll see a proper demo early 2010.

GameGambits3137d ago

That's my fault. I didn't even look at the file size when I downloaded. I saw a 2 and assumed it was going to be GB lol. I left the room to make food and such and when I came back it was done.

Heck even for a compressed visual demo the cars still look incredible. :D

Flanders3137d ago

Absolutely mind boggling good graphics. Can't imagine just how insane the full Blu-Ray game is going to look if a 220 meg demo is already this insane.

And the fact that it is running at 1080p 60fps is unbelievable. 2.25 times the resolution of 720p.

Kutagari is the console graphics hardware god.

phosphor1123137d ago

You can tell when you drive by between the last 2 turns. Just look out to the left in between bleachers.. you'll see nothing... lol just sky.
This demo is only for the physics.. and let me tell you.. its awesome.

Aquanox3137d ago

For a game that has been hyped so much for its graphics, it's kinda dissapointing.

Car models look spectacular, but there so much more in a racing game. Tracks and environments are definitely not up to the car detail or competition's and there's something really wrong with those physics.

On top of that, the demo itself is extremely boring. What a bad choice of a demo.

If you don't have a PS3 you can see it here:

People is on a rant...

Guido3137d ago


This quote is so full of fail I won't even bother with a rebuttal.

redsquad3137d ago

Some of those Gamersyde posters are idiots!
Do they truly believe that PD have taken a step BACK from the (amazing) quality of GT5:P and the final release will even remotely look like this?

Good god, my faith in humanity slips yet another notch when I see what lies people will manufacturer to bring something down.

LiL T3137d ago

This "TIME TRIAL" is friggin awsome, the physics are amazing and cars look sick. Sorry didnt really notice the crowds or grass as I was trying to DRIVE.

side note- .Just wondering, because to me it doesn't seem like a certain group of people can't read and/or don't know how to drive properly.

Here's a tip, this is not the kinda arcade racer where you can just pin the gas arround a corner and expect to carry through the turn. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. ( and read )

Microsoft Xbox 3603137d ago

This time trail demo does not reflect GT5's graphics. They stripped down the visuals to package the game in a smaller file. The demo only represents the new physics engine. Please don't get it confused.

dirthurts3137d ago

Where did they state that they stripped down the visuals to make it smaller?
Compression I could see, however that doesn't remove environmental details and objects from the scenery. It simply compresses the code. The end results aren't noticeable.
But either way...
On my way to try it myself.

LazyDevs3137d ago

My god listen to all the tools. Well it is compressed and it's not finished yet blah blah blah. Just say it sucks balls really, lets be honest here shall we. They do not compress the graphics to make the file size smaller and if you believe that then you are a complete idiot. And to the guy saying the board is not finished, sorry man that is how the game will be and that board will look exactly the same as it does there, lack of detail and no atmosphere and really just blah looking and that's exactly how i remember GT5P. And my god people are going to say this is a real driving sim when the cars handle like garbage trucks on ice give me a break.

2Spock3137d ago

Wow i didn't care much for the GT5P. But i hate this demo even worse. Where has almost 6 years of dev time have gone? Spent way to much time on the cars and should have spent more time on track detail and overall atmosphere of the game.

talltony3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Let me clear this up for you.


Here is a link.

"received an email from Sony that wanted to emphasize this is not a demo of Gran Turismo 5, and is only being released for GT Academy. Polyphony Digital has also posted a new press release, clearly stating the demo was “specifically designed for this competition to showcase the realism of the brand-new physics engine” and nothing more."

Str8laced3137d ago

Here let me clear this up for you

It looks exactly the same as GT5P, both look just as lackluster as the other one. And the new physics sucks ball's, it trying to do the drift thing and it isn't working. I thought the physics and car handling before was bad but this is even worse.

talltony3137d ago

Did you not see the quote. And I am sorry I dont think this looks bad.

Douwantit3137d ago

I hardly ever post but "MY GOD DOES THE PHYSICS SUCK OR WHAT".

redsquad3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

You honestly believe that GT5P, which looks VASTLY superior to this TT demo, is LESS representative of the game than what came out today?

Don't throw that "tool" insult around in such a cavalier fashion matey, it makes you look bad.

@1.15: So this demo looks exactly like GT5P?? As that's an out and out lie, I won't even try to counter it.

Speak2theHand3137d ago

I have to agree with some of these comments. That demo is not a good way to represent your game. The graphics are terrible and i am not understanding the new physics at all. When i played the demo there was no where it said this game represents physics only. Maybe i am so used to playing forza 3 and realizing how much better it is than GT5.

Tinted Eyes3137d ago

LOL GT haters in full force today!

rockleex3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Giving their opinions on it as if it was facts?


Thanks for making my day guys! :D

So how many of you guys actually downloaded it for the competition, the purpose of the Time Trial itself?

Saying this Time Trial competition is indicative of Gran Turismo 5 is as ridiculous as saying Prologue is indicative of Gran Turismo 5.

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TomMcBaum3137d ago

This is an uncharacteristically shoddy demo from PD, I'd say. Surely I'm not the only one who's noticed the pauses at certain points around the track. The trees and tire squeal sound effects are no better than they were years ago in GTHD. And the shadows on or near the cars are downright ugly at times. Just look at the shadow on the license plate of the red car in the "walkpast" intro. I hope the final product has a lot more of the polish I've come to expect from Polyphony.

Bathyj3137d ago

its not an excuse, its a reason, just like a man with one leg saying he cant run fast is a reason not an excuse.

The purpose of this "demo" is not to wow you but to get it in as many hands as possible because its a competition.

Why are you complaining when you know very well why its like it is.


That's because this isn't a demo of the final product it's a demo for the new physics which by the way feels so real and for a totally compressed demo it looks better than Forza 3's final build imo.

The car model in the demo only has 200,000 polygons whereas the final game it'll have 400,000 polygons as confirmed by Yamauchi-San. Sony themselves said that the demo is mostly centred around the Academy and the physics and is not a representation of the final game.

You're just finding excuses to hate the game even though You know it's not a representation of the final game.

talk about ignorance...

phosphor1123137d ago

Also, PD has mentioned that this is to be used to show off their new physics.. not damage, not graphics, but physics. If you've noticed, the track isn't even finished yet...

GrandDragon3137d ago

Why I hate the uninformed!

This Demo is not a representative of the final build therefore it is NOT suppose to represent ANY graphical benchmarks. The highlights for this Demo are Physics.

This Demo is PURELY for lap times so people can enter the Academy.

My best time so far 1:44.00 - 7 seconds behind the leading time :)

redsquad3137d ago

Seriously... What? (and someone agreed with you?)
THIS IS NOT A DEMO of GT5. GT5:P is more a 'demo' than this, and even that isn't representative.

When you consider the amazing car model squeezed into the 220 MB, and the fact that the actual models will apparently have twice the polygon count, I really think it's rather cheeky to have a pop a the Time Trial event.

LazyDevs3137d ago

I know of some people with one leg can run faster than people with 2 legs. The purpose of the demo is wow people to get them to buy the game. And you are a complete tool, so we know you will say anything to back up your precious. But at least you are admitting its not all that great.

phosphor1123137d ago

They compress graphical data to make sure as many people can get the demo as possible. Since it's a competition. They don't want a 1 gig demo and have people not be able to download it.

So many GT haters xD

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redsquad3137d ago

For a 220 MB file size, the 'demo' is stunning. The car itself is a beauty, and I can only boggle at what the final game will be like when this monster is unleashed on a massive Blu-Ray.

I'm crap though... Only ranked 400th *blush*

phosphor1123137d ago

I'm ranked 169 tuned and 148 stock... It's bound to go up within minutes though lol.

redsquad3137d ago

Leave me alone, I'm old!!! ;)
But no, I didn't click "disagree", the haters are out in force for all GT5 articles today!

LazyDevs3137d ago

Why does people keep bringing file size up? I am not understanding. The file size is for one track and 2 cars. As i stated above if you think the take away from graphics to make the file size smaller then you are a idiot.

2Spock3137d ago

They do not take details and AA and such away from file size, they compress the overall code. This look's just like GT5P, so i really don't understand your whole point "Well for the file size it looks good". And i have to say the new physics just are not that great maybe actually worse from GT5P.

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creepjack3137d ago

LOL @ all of the damage control. All of the crap talking on Forza, only to see this. All of this crap about it being very compressed, its only 1 car with 1 track, its not going to be a big download.

cyclindk3137d ago

I didn't realize humans could consciously utilize only a third of their brain, impressive.

xg-ei8ht3137d ago

Well out of both lap times i'm 18th.



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