TeamXbox: Alien Breed Evolution Review

TeamXbox writes: "The name might not ring a bell unless you were a rabid Amiga gamer and lived in Europe in the early 90's, and if it does, you might be confusing it with another game, Alien Syndrome. Being an early Amiga aficionado myself, yet firmly rooted on this side of the pond, I don't recall the game personally, though I do remember i>Alien Syndrome well, and can see the similarities between the games. I don't know if Alien Breed was "inspired by" or just a complete knock-off (and if you want to see a knockoff, look up the game's original boxart), but after all this time and an XBLA remake powered by the Unreal engine, it doesn't really matter anymore. Top-down shooters set on alien-infested space ships are always a good thing."

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