A Game of Death Metal: Putting Heavy Metal Soul in Video Games

DualShockers writes:

"There's just something about heavy metal music. For one, there's the dark imagery that brings to mind modern day Satanism as well as ancient pre-Christian paganism. Like video games, heavy metal is a representation of modern man's battle against nihilism through ancient heroism. Heavy metal is like the sound of Jung speaking the language of symbols, if Jung had lived in Tolkien's land of Mordor during a black renaissance.

And because of metal, I think I've finally put my finger on the problem I have with gaming. It's a problem that's becoming increasingly worse, and it has nothing to do with gameplay. It's the imagery that's used; it's a problem of aesthetics. I'm a fan of heavy metal music because it's the most intense form of music and, in the same way, I think video games could stand to be a lot more "metal" than they are now. In fact, video games need to go even further, and adopt some of the flavors of Scandinavian black metal and death metal, which are the most extreme forms within an already-extreme genre.

What do I mean? Do I want games to be more violent? More "shocking"? No, not exactly. This might sound strange, but I think that games need to explore the darker regions of the soul if they're going to have any chance of giving players a meaningful experience of truly badass, thought-provoking heroism. Heroism in a goofy cartoon world is not really heroism. A hero is not a hero unless he's surrounded by darkness, despair, and depravity..."

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