New ORIGIN gaming PCs unveiled

Former Alienware execs re-invade the PC gaming space with aggressive, customizable gaming rigs.

Good Gear Guide: "ORIGIN, a new custom PC manufacturer founded by ex-Alienware executives, has unveiled its first pair of gaming systems: the GENESIS PC desktop and EON18 laptop.

Both models put customization at the forefront, with a swathe of colors and airbrushed designs to choose from (you can even send in your own graphical designs). Squarely aimed at hardcore PC enthusiasts, each ORIGIN system delivers a high-end gaming performance characterized by overclocking, liquid cooling and dual-GPU graphics cards."

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starvinbull3136d ago

Might get one of those to play solitaire with.

toaster3136d ago

Would $3000 be enough to play Pac-Man? I hear that's a graphical BEAST.
Maybe if they bump up the price by another $1000 then it can play that newfangled 3D Chess.

starvinbull3136d ago

I have to admit I dont really like playing 3D chess at anything less than 1000000fps. You just can't react in time if you get what I mean.

csimpson3136d ago

You'd have to be pretty mental to put down $3514 on a gaming laptop. And that's the STARTING price. Wow. Just wow...

grumpysmurf3136d ago

To be fair, those are Australian dollars, so a more accurate price would be $2700 or so. But yeah, that's still pretty mental.

SaiyanFury3136d ago

Personally, I find the whole notion of gaming laptops ridiculous. The hardware and prices are simply ludicrous. If you want to play games that badly, I suggest either building your own PC or look for a better deal on a laptop that's capable of playing games. 3500 dollars for a laptop is crazy. I use my Vaio for portable PC usage and it's extremely well equipped for most of the things I want including n-band wireless connectivity. A good BD drive, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and a good Core 2 Duo proc, is easily enough for me. If you REALLY need to game on the go, look at a PSP or a Nintendo DS. Both of them will only set you back a few hundred dollars versus a few thousand.

Arnon3136d ago

"Highlights include an 18.4in Full HD widescreen LCD, a dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M graphics card, 8GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM and a dual-layer Blu-ray disc burner."

Newegg Prices:

1080p Monitor - $189.99
GTX 285 x2 - $739.98
8 GB dual-channel DDR3 - $259.99
Dual-Layer Blu-Ray Disc Burner - N/A

Anyways... just build one -.-

grumpysmurf3136d ago

Those are the specs for the laptop model, which is a bit harder to build from scratch.

TABSF3136d ago

Yep Just build one

Gaming on Laptop = Fail
Spending $3000 on pre-built RIG = Fail
Water Cooling when you could just have a better Fansink cooler = Almost Fail
Overclocking your i7 when you only get 5% increase in FPS = Fail

Building your own and getting a Beefy GPU = Win