The Future of Play, Create and Share

Play, Create and Share became the trademark phrase to describe LittleBigPlanet, a wildly successful and quirky platformer, developed by Media Molecule. The goal was to create an accessible system, allowing any type of user to create simple or complex levels to share. For many, the tools learning curve was to steep, leading many to believe the idea was a failure. It only takes one visit into LittleBigPlanet to realize that the idea itself is incredibly successful. ModNation Racers is another title sporting the title Play, Create and Share, however this time it's set it's sight on dethroning Mario Kart. ModNation Racers, like LittleBigPlanet offers an almost infinite amount of tools and resources to create the level or track of your dreams. Early previews have been generally well-received, and if they are any indication, ModNation Racers will add further depth to this new genre.

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Saaking3163d ago

Play, Create, Share is an awesome concept. I look forward to Sony expanding it.

Christopher_Walken3162d ago

If anybody is to do something awesome with the Sony motion controller it's going to be MediaMolecule.

It's perfect for the Play Create Share concept.

cb8103162d ago

Little big planet is one game that lives up to that concept.

ClearConscious3162d ago


Yes and no, I agree for the most part that it did live up to the concept, but as far as accessbility goes, LittleBigPlanet needed some work. It's a great start.