Media Create software sales (12/7 - 12/13)

Media Create has published the latest software sales figures from Japan and has revealed first week data for Modern Warfare 2.

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Valay3079d ago

I guess that isn't an awful figure for the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2. However, I'd be surprised if its position didn't fall off next week.

Saaking3079d ago

Wow, look at Pokemon go.

AAACE53079d ago

That's not half bad for a FPS in japan, considering they don't like shooters too much!

But seriously, it looks like japan is becoming nintendo's country. And Sony and MS kinda have to fight it out in the US and Euro. FFXIII should do good for the Ps3 though...

BTW... Anyone interested in Red Dead Redemption? I was half and half about it at first, but then I watched that introduction video of it that just came out and it's got my attention now!

I think 2010 is shaping up to be one of the best years for gamers on all sides. We have a bunch of high profile stuff hitting early in the year and we still have stuff that hasn't even been announced yet coming down the pipe for the holidays next year.

NecrumSlavery3079d ago

Red Dead 2 is on top of my list o multiplats to play in 2010. It looks to be 100x why GTA4 wishe it could of been. Seems to be a sandbox game that you can really live in not jut play in. I haven't seen much on the upcoming games from R*, but so far I think Red Dead Redemption will be R*'s best game to dye

barom3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

nvm got my facts wrong but yeah MW2 at 93k is fairly good number.

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RememberThe3573079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I remember those little pocket things in elementary school that you would hang on your backpack.

I can't wait to see next weeks numbers and how well FF13 did.

Valay3079d ago

Tomodachi Collection is actually different than Tamagotchi Collection! The first game was made for Nintendo and is an experience comparable to that of The Sims. The second product is the one you're thinking of.

Darth Stewie3079d ago

FFXIII is going to skyrocket the PS3 next week. Look @ the line in Japan at the link below.