Team Fortress - Propaganda Contest Winners

TF2 Blog: Back when we launched the Propaganda contest, we originally figured it'd be a cakewalk to judge. You might not know this, as it's a well-kept industry secret, but normally with giveaway tie-in contests for video games, you get about 10 entries. Seven of these are virulently racist. The other two are pornography. The last one, regardless of its quality, wins by default.

However, the recession must be a lot worse than we thought, because apparently all of you are unemployed and have nothing better to do than spend real hours drawing incredibly time-consuming art for virtual prizes. No joke: as of contest's end last night, we have in excess of 11,000 entries-and almost every one of them deserves to be framed on the wall of one of Gabe Newell's castles.

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TABSF3199d ago

Give 'em the Boot Right in the Fruit, lol what a Legend